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Pro Sequencer

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Yamaha QY-700 - 48-TRACK Midi Sequencer & Professional Workstation

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Getting professionally-scored musical compositions down fast before the inspiration evaporates is a constant challenge. Thankfully, ideas can be captured more and more effortlessly as Yamaha continues to expand its popular line of QY series compositional tools, with the introduction of the Yamaha QY700 music sequencer.

Dubbed the "world's smallest project studio in a box," the QY700 is a professional music sequencer that offers high quality music production capability and sound. It packs more than twice the data capacity (110,000 notes), twice the number of tracks (48: 32 Linear, 16 Pattern) and twice the sequencer polyphony (64 notes) of its groundbreaking little brother, the QY300. And for the first time, the QY700 incorporates the Yamaha XG format, which simply means that the voices take an extremely high sonic leap over General MIDI sounds, but still remain fully compatible to GM.

One of the things that makes the QY700 such a powerful tool is its huge database of nearly 4,000 drum, percussion, bass, guitar and keyboard phrases that can be used to create your own accompaniment easily and quickly - in a large number of styles ranging from classical to Techno Dance. Using the QY700's two-octave mini keyboard, you can easily assemble phrases - choose from the extensive library of intros, variations, fills and ending phrases - with engaging chord progressions to create the perfect passage for any composition. Right out of the gate, you have wonderful, fully-developed accompaniment.

But wait. There's much, much more. You can then go deep into any passage, right down to the phrase level, manipulate and adjust its attitude, and create an accompaniment that has your own personalized feel and signature. With the 32-tracks of linear sequencing available, you can build solo lines and other instrument tracks to make the music totally yours. Finally, you can significantly enhance the overall sonic environment by applying built-in effects such as Reverb and Chorus, as well as Variations, including "rotary speakers," and amp and speaker simulations.

"Nothing else on the market today allows you to go into a piece of music at the musical phrase level to manipulate it the way the QY700 does," said Avery Burdette, product manager at Yamaha. "It's like being able to write a best-selling novel immediately, without having to worry upfront about inventing the words and language. But then you can go back and learn the words, study sentence structure, change the words, sentences and meaning, so that not only is the finished novel great, but it also has all of your own creative ideas. But most important, it's something you will be proud to put your signature on."

"I am a total evangelist of Yamaha QY technology," said Frank Serafine, noted composer and sound designer. "There are some very powerful things in these boxes that many people don't realize yet. What I like most about it is that it's interactive. I can go in and program my own grooves and then interact with them. And it teaches me how to create interactive performances. This is the [music] technology for the future."

The QY700 features a huge 320x240 dot LCD display with backlight, eliminating the need for a costly computer and display. In addition, assignable pitch and modulation wheels, and programmable foot switches for start, stop, fill, etc., make the QY700 easy and enjoyable to use.

The suggested retail price of the Yamaha QY700 is $1,495.

Professional MIDI Sequencer
At the heart of the QY700 is the large-capacity 110,000-note professional MIDI music sequencer with 32 linear tracks for recording instrument parts and 16 pattern tracks for assembling auto-accompaniment drum, bass and chord backing phrases from the music database, plus extensive song, measure, track and event editing functions, high resolution and enough memory to hold up to 20 songs.
Sequencing a song is quick and simple. Either using the QY700's own micro keyboard and pitch bend and assignable wheels or an external MIDI keyboard. The graphic interface makes it easy to keep up with all track assignments at a glance. The "virtual" mixer displays all important track settings plus provides quick access to the various parameters in each channel — including voice assignments, effect send levels, track panning and more.
The many intuitive recording and editing operations available at your fingertips actually enhance the creative process. You can even enter notes and other events one "step" at a time. After recording the parts, you can quantize specific tracks, modify note velocity or gate time, copy or erase specific events, create and delete measures, and much more — to take you music wherever your creativity leads.
Large Music Database

The QY700 comes with a built-in database of 3876 Preset phrases — professionally programmed performances of drum and percussion loops and bass, guitar and keyboard riffs representing every type of music from rock and soul to jazz and techno, which make it easy to create complete backing accompaniment patterns — plus 99 User phrases for recording your own. 27 chord types — from major to minor, diminished to augmented and more — are available for inserting chord changes at the press of a micro key.
The advanced ABC (Auto Bass Chord) accompaniment system automatically reharmonizes the patterns according to the chord type you choose. Each style features 8 special matching "sections" ideal for adding a variety of smooth and natural transitions throughout the song as you sketch out the basic arrangement. After sketching out the basic structure of a song with the accompaniment patterns, you can move the backing parts to sequencer tracks and perform detailed editing operations on them.
Groove Templates
When the song is finished, you can spice up the feel of your tracks with clever "Playback Effects" and "Groove Quantizing" templates without changing the original data. Each drum kit has a variety of drum and percussion instruments assigned to different notes corresponding to keys on a MIDI keyboard, but the Drum Table feature gives you the flexibility to assign sounds at will, you always have final control over the sound of your percussion tracks.
XG Tone Generator
The QY700 incorporates a high-quality AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory) multitimbral tone generator preset with 480 normal voices and 11 drum kits, configured in the XG format (GM-compatible), and organized by instrument categories for quick and easy location of just the sound you want. The voice editing features let you adjust filter, EG, vibrato and many other critical voice parameter settings, represented graphically for easy access and intuitive control of the characteristics of the voice.
Three independent digital effects processors with parameter editing and flexible System and Insertion effects routing offer sophisticated sound enhancement capabilities — giving you unlimited options to create precisely the sound you want. The are 11 Reverb, 11 Chorus and 42 Variation type effects — including various reverb, delay, modulation, distortion, EQ and other effects.

Maximum Compatibility
With its dual MIDI IN/OUT terminals, XG-format music production capability with General MIDI, Standard MIDI File and ESEQ data formats, it is designed from the ground up for maximum compatibility with other MIDI instruments and popular music sequencer data formats. This makes it convenient for you to sketch out a basic song using the music database and quick-composing features, then transfer the song file to your favorite computer sequencing program to finish out the arrangement.
The QY700 supports MIDI clock synchronization and can be controlled by MTC (MIDI Time Code) signals, as well as control other devices using the MMC (MIDI Machine Control) signals.
Demo Disk Styles - XG Normal Voices - XG Drum Kits
Sixty-four (64)demo disk styles ranging from Acid Jazz to Hip Hop to Techno to World; 480 XG Normal Voices in 18 different categories; Eleven XG Drum Kits.

Memory Capacity - Sequencer 110,000 notes (lithium battery backup) Timing Resolution - Sequencer 1/480 quarter-notes (Internal, MIDI) Polyphony - Sequencer Maximum 64 simultaneous notes Tempo - Sequencer 25-300, resolution 0.1 Recording Methods - Sequencer Realtime (Replace, Overdub), Punch-in, Step Sequencer Tracks - Sequencer 32 tracks Songs - Sequencer 20 songs Conductor Track Types - Sequencer Pattern, Chord, Tempo, Time Sig Styles - Sequencer 64 styles consisting of Preset phrases and User phrases), 8 sections per style Tracks Per Pattern - Sequencer 16 Tracks Phrases - Sequencer 3876 Preset phrases, 99 User phrases per style Chord Types - Sequencer M7, M, 6, m7(11), M9, add9, m,m6, m7,m7(flat5), mM7, m9, madd9, 7,7(sharp5), 7(flat9), 9, 7(sharp9), 7(sharp11), 7(flat 13), 7(13), 7sus4, sus4, dim, aug, 6-09, 7(flat5) Tone Generation - Tone Generator AWM2(Advanced Wave Memory; 32Mbit Wave ROM) Sound Module Modes - Tone Generator XG, GM Voices - Tone Generator 480 Normal Voices; 11 Drum voices Polyphony - Tone Generator Maximum 32 simultaneous notes Simultaneous Voices - Tone Generator Maximum 32 timbres (last-note priority with element reverse, DVA) Effects - Tone Generator 11 REVERB: Hall 1-2, Room 1-3, Stage 1-2, Plate, White Room, Tunnel, Basement; 11 CHORUS: Chorus 1-4, Celeste 1-4, Flanger 1-3; 42 VARIATION: Hall 1-2, Room 1-3, Stage 1-2, Plate, Delay LCR, Delay LR, Echo, Cross Delay, Early Reflection 1-2, Gate Reverb, Reverse Gate, Karaoke 1-3, Chorus 1-4, Celeste 1-4, Flanger 1-3, Symphonic, Rotary Speaker, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Phaser 1-2, Distortion, Overdrive, Amp Sim, 3-band EQ, 2-band EQ, Auto Wah Display 320 x 240 dot graphic LCD (CFL backlight) Indicators Red LEDs x 3 (REC, MIDI IN-A, IN-B), Green Leds x 9(SONG, PATTERN, UTILITY, VOICE, EFFECT, DISK, PLAY, MIDI OUT-A, OUT-B) Controls -1/No, +1/YES, Curser keys x 4 (Up, Down, Right, Left), TRACK DOWN, TRACK UP, MUTE, SOLO, EDIT, JOB, LOC 1, LOC 2, Sequencer controls x 6 (Play, Stop, Record, Forward, Back, Top), Numeric keypad, PITCH wheel, ASSIGNABLE wheel, SONG, PATTERN, UTILITY, VOICE, EFFECT, DISK, SHIFT x 2, function keys x 6 (F1 - F6), EXIT, Direct Cursor keys x 5, JOG/SHUTTLE, two-octave micro keyboard with two OCT UP AND OCT DOWN keys, VOLUME, CONTRAST, POWER ON/OFF switch Connectors OUTPUT x 2 (L/MONO), PHONES, MIDI IN x 2, MIDI OUT x 2, FOOT SWITCH, DC IN Disk Storage 3.5 in. 2DD/2HD floppy disk drive (SMF Format 0/1, ESEQ), Included: Power Supply PA5B or equivalent AC adaptor Dimensions 353 mm x 305 mm x 90 mm (W x D x H) (13 7/8" x 12" x 3 1/2") Weight 3.5 kg (7 lbs., 11 oz.)

*AC Adapter for 100-120V Countries only.

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