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MU1000 EX

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            Latest Firmware Installed

Excellent  Condition,incl. Yamaha AC Adapter

Software Bundle: XGworks V.3, Cakewalk,  Acid & Manual (J) on CD                                            

YAMAHA's High-End  MU1000  Tone Generator - Retail Price: $1000.00

Unbeatable expressive power with 64 parts and 128 note polyphony. Even more expandability with

up to three expansion boards. A super tone generator that opens a new era in music production.

64 Parts/ 128 Note Polyphony
A maximum of 64 parts and up to 128 note polyphony give the MU1000 twice the performance of the MU100 series, and make it the leader of the desktop music scene.

Unbeatable Expressive Power
Now you have the power to reproduce complex and dense ensembles without compromise - large-scale symphonies, brass bands, and even piano concertos that let you hear the lingering the resonance of the damper pedal. You can assign different drum sounds to different parts, use different variation sounds during a song, and even layer sounds of different parts on the same channel to create twin leads or octave unisons.

Free of Limitations
The MU1000 frees you from limitations on polyphony or the number of parts, which until now could be a bottleneck for desktop music production, and gives you newly widened scope for your arrangements. Along with the expansion in polyphony, the internal software has been streamlined for even quicker note response.

1454 Top-Quality Sounds
The massive wave ROM contains 1454 instrumental sounds and 47 drum sets - more than any other desktop music tone generator. From basic instruments to the latest cutting-edge club sounds and even separate string instruments for use in individual parts of gigantic orchestral ensembles, the MU2000 gives you everything with uncompromising quality.

Expanded Functionality
The MU1000 provides three expansion slots compatible with the XG Plug-in System, allowing you to install up to three separately sold plug-in boards. You can expand your possibilities with tone generation technologies other than that of the MU1000.

Up To Three Plug-In Boards
For example you could install one PLG100-DX FM tone generator board and two PLG100-VL VA tone generator boards to add sixteen-note polyphonic DX sound and two-note polyphonic VA sound. Or you could install two PLG100-DX FM tone generator boards and one PLG100-VH effect board. The MU2000 will also work with PLG150 boards.

Plug-In Board Parameters
The parameters of any installed expansion boards can be edited from the front panel of the MU2000, or you can use plug-in software for the "Xgworks" sequencer. You can also edit from a dedicated editor program, and even paste sound parameter data into desired locations in a song to create even more expressive data. Such an expanded XG "plus" system will broaden your possibilities and allow highly sophisticated musical expression.

Ultra-Powerful Effects
The MU1000 gives you more creative power than any other desktop music tone generator. A total of six effects are built in. There are three system effects (reverb/chorus/variation) for which the send amount can be adjusted for each part; two insertion effects which can be applied to any desired part, and a five-band multi EQ that lets you adjust the overall sound to the acoustic environment.

Part Parameters
Part parameters include a total of 256 EQ's (128 note polyphony x 2 bands) for simultaneous use, and filter (low-pass/high-pass) / envelope / volume / pan, all of which can be adjusted independently for each part for precise mixing. Effects and part parameters can be controlled in a variety of ways from the dedicated "XG editor."

Functionality That You Expect from a Top-Of-The-Line Tone Generator
Panel operations are easier than ever before, with a large graphical LCD, rotary encoder, and category switch that lets you efficiently select sounds.

Performance Mode
Performance mode lets you layer up to four sounds - ideal when the MU1000 is used as an expansion tone generator for your keyboard. Front-panel MIDI connector for easy connection of the WX5 wind MIDI controller etc. AD Input function allows two external audio inputs to be independently processed in digital form, and mixed with the output of the MU128's own tone generator.

To Host
TO HOST connector for direct connection to your personal computer.

Two-space half-rack size with high-quality silver tone design exterior.

XG Plug-In System
The revolutionary XG plug-in system allows you to expand the capabilities of a tone generator by adding boards for other tone generation or effect systems, and controlling the expanded computer via special software (plug-in editors for Xgworks). The XG plug-in "scalability" that is a hallmark of the XG format.


100 pre-setting performance + 100 internal performance performance modes XG (GM level 2 it includes), TG300B and performance  Effects (reverberation ×18, chorus ×20, variation ×97, insertion 1×97, insertion 2×97, insertion 3×97, insertion 4×97, 5 bands multiple EQ×5)

  • 128 note polyphony
  • 64-part multitimbral
  • 1396  instrumental sounds and 58 drum sets
  • GM and XG compatibility
  • 3 expansion slots
  • Digital Multi FX
  • Two A/D Inputs
  • Built in computer interface
  • USB output
  • Digital (optical) Audio Output 

  • Please provide 220-230V AC if required in your country. Shipping outside North America will be without the AC.

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