Item Description

YAMAHA MU100 XG MIDI Tone Generator

Perfect Working Condition incl.*AC , XGworks and other great Software, English Manual (CD)


MU100 ? Professional Quality Sounds and Functions

Featuring the world's greatest and most realistic musical instrument voices together with multi-purpose functionality, simple operation and convenience ? all built right in a highly compact package. With 32-part multi-timbral operation and six built-in effects, this tone generator has all the power you need to play back any kind of song data. The functions and flexibility will fit into a huge studio or stage setup-or serve as the sole, stand-alone tone generator for a computer-based music system.

Stunning Sound, Flexible Editing

Literally every type of sound you could ever want or need is right at your fingertips. The MU100 gives you 1267 voices with 46 drum kits. The MU100 tone generator features amazingly authentic, dynamic sound and provide comprehensive sonic editing control ? including filters, envelope generators, vibrato, LFOs, EQ and more ? letting you tailor the sound of any voice just the way you want.

32-Part Multi-Timbral Operation

In the multi mode, you can quickly and easily assign any of the voices to an individual instrument "part". Since the MU100 has dual independent MIDI inputs (with 16 channels each), you can configure two full 16-part sets, for a total of 32 instrument parts ? effectively gaining you the power of two tone generators in one! And with the generous 64-note maximum polyphony, you'll never need to worry about running out of notes, no matter how complex your MIDI data is!

Powerful Performances

Layer up to four voices together, combine them in instantly selectable "Performances" with other special settings and play them all over a single MIDI channel. Making the MU100 perfect for demanding live performance situations as well as studio applications. Configure rich layers of voices to play simultaneously across the entire keyboard range or program multi-zone splits in which different sections of the keyboard play different voices; set up velocity splits,having the voices change.

Preset Performances

A total of 100 Preset Performances are available. Pre-programmed for a wide variety of music styles and applications. Plus space for 100 of your own original User Performances.

Wide Range of Professional Effects

Built into the MU100 is a virtual rack of studio-quality digital effects, complete with comprehensive signal routing capabilities that let you play two or three different effects to specific voices and still have reverb and chorus effects left over for the overall mix.

Six Independent Effect Sections

Reverb and Chorus are "System" effects for the overall mix. Insertion 1 and 2 can be applied as an "Insertion" effect to any specific instrument part. Variation can be set to either System or Insertion. Some of the outstanding effect types included in Variation and Insertion are Rotary Speaker, Tremolo, Overdrive, Distortion, Auto Wah ? and much, much more! Plus each part has its own 2-band EQ, just like on an actual mixing console and there's a 5-band EQ for the overall stereo mix.

A/D (Analog-to-Digital) Inputs

The amazing performance flexibility continues with the front-panel A/D Inputs. These allow you to connect two external sound sources, which can then be effect-processed and mixed just like any of the other instrument parts ? which means there's no need for an external mixer. The MU100 even has A/D part presets for various applications, with appropriate gain settings and effects pre-programmed and ready to do!

Full GM and XG Compatibility

The MU100 is also fully compatible with the GM and Yamaha XG format. This ensures faithful playback of commercially abailable Standard MIDI File data, as well as easy integration into a computer-based music system. A convenient TO HOST terminal on the rear panel means you can directly connect the MU100 to a computer, without the need for a separate MIDI interface.

Expansion Capability with Optional Plug-In Boards

If you need further sonic flexibility and power, the MU100 lets you expand that instrument's tone gererator or effect capabilities. Inside the MU100, there's room for one of three different powerful plug-in boards: The PLG100-VL, the PLG100-VL, and the PLG100-DX.

Multiple Tone Generation System

Building up your music production system with XG compatible instruments allows you to enjoy unprecedentedly high quality performances. You can arrange songs and edit voices as you like by controlling various types of MIDI data. You can take greatest advantage of the powerful capabilities of XG by organizing multiple tone generation systems.