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Brand: xForce
Model: 400HD
Avg. Power: 450 Watts (Driven with approx 50 watts)
Max. Power: 1000 Watts (Driven with approx 150 watts) see x40/x80
Transistors: 4 x 2SC2879
High flow brushless quiet fans
Amp Draw Continuous: 45
Amp Draw Max: 100
Biasing: Class C
Size: H=4 1/4 *** L=11 *** x W=6 3/4

Class B Biasing and SSB delay $20
Preamp $35 (rarely of any use but nevertheless available)

These are not your typical linear amps. In fact, you won't find a better competition amp that's more durable, efficient and powerful than the xForce amp any place. xForce amps are hand made with parts that are installed on copper boards, not flexible fiber boards. The transistors are mounted to a heat sync that has two to four times the surface area to suck the heat right out of the transistor. Heat is the transistors biggest enemy. Heat means less power and diminished longevity of the transistor and other components.

Another advantage is the standard fan that comes on all xForce boxes. These babies are built to last. You're not paying for bells and whistles. You're paying for good clean power, and lots of it! Don't play around with those silly amps. Get your xForce amp today!!!

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xForce Amps are custom built to order. These amps may take as long as a week to to be built and ship. Normally, they're on a 2-3 day lead time. xForce amps are designed for 10-12 meter operation.