Item Description
360 Repair Service
3 Red Rings of Death
Is that Xbox 360 giving you that nasty 3 Red Rings
of Death.
WELL look no futher, pack it up and send it to
I have repaired more than 120+ Xbox 360.
I have been a computer geek for a long time
and this is a hobby and love it.
If you have done anything that wont allow you to
send your xbox back to microsoft or if you dont want to pay 100
plus dollars and wait over 2 months, then send it to me.
I promise if cant fix it then you just
pay shipping.
You will get 2 month warranty on the 3 Red
Rings of Death, just pay shipping.
Plus this fix should stop freezing, I've repaired
over 20 that also had the freezing.
This will void your warranty for your Xbox 360
because I have to open your Xbox to fix it.
I have 2 Xbox 360's and have repaired them both and
they are still going on strong after 16 months.
If you have any questions then please email
Once I get your Xbox 360, It will be shipped out 2
days later within Mon - Fri, if I get your system on Friday then it
will ship out on Monday.
Payment will only be made if your Xbox is
repaired, if I cant repair it,then all I ask is you pay the 15.00
for return shipping.
Your Xbox will come back to shipped
Priority Mail and you'll get a Delivery Confirmation number sent to
your paypal payment email address.
I will repair your Xbox 360 from the 3 Red
Rings of Death. You will get 2 months warranty from the date
of your payment. If you get the 3 red rings within your warranty, I
will fix it again for FREE, you just pay the shipping both ways.
Any parts I remove from your xbox, I will send the parts back to
you with your xbox.
When im not playing Call of duty 4 or any
other xbox game, im repairing or doing other things to make them
run cooler and better.
Please feel free to email me any questions you
have about your 360.