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Up for sale are refurbished XBOX 360 consoles. Listing is for
one console.
This is console only so there areno AV/
HD cords, power brick/ power supply, hard drive, controller,
. Every unit has been tested for over 2 hours.
Furthermore, every system with issues has been upgraded
to help prevent any problems. I use a
reflow station to get the best results. You can google the
process to see what I do. It's a much better technique
then simply using a heat gun or worse tactics.
I get a big load of consoles a week from various suppliers and some
work with no issues while others I have to fix throughly to ensure
most optimal gaming. All systems that I open and refurbed
will be 12v fan modded. That's a savings of $20-$30 in comparison
of buying a whisper fan.
is HDMI output on these consoles.
These units might have a different disc tray than the chrome one in
the picture. If it isn't chrome it will be the cream/ white
color that matches the unit.

Please keep in mind that you will need a 203w power brick/ power supply
for these consoles.

All of these system are good and are not banned from LIVE.
Included with the sale of a unit is a 30 day risk free
warranty from the date of purchase. If there are any issues
please return and another unit will be shipped out once console is
returned to me. No refunds.
Please check your ebay page to see what day system was
bought to find warranty
I strive to give the best customer service and high positive
feedback. If there are concerns please contact me first
before leaving negative feedback. I will work at all lengths
to ensure that you are pleased.

I receive feedback, I will be sure to do the same for you.

All units will be shipped within 72 business hours (not
including weekends and Holidays) of payment receipt. You will
get tracking details upon shipment from paypal.
If you have a broken system that hasn't been tampered with or open
with Microsoft seal on the console,
I am open for a trade credit of $40 towards any one of my
units. Just let me know first.
I will only trade for sealed units that power
Please look under your face plate to confirm if

Microsoft seal is there 1
st before contacting me about a credit.

I also can repair your sealed units from red rings issues
for $40 if you need me to. Disc drive issues will vary
since parts are more expensive. Just send the unit to me and
I will evaluate, fix, test, and return it back to you once you pay
paypal invoice.
Thanks and please feel free to contact me if there are any
questions or concerns.