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Gluta 100000 Whitening snow (Paul Snow) blue bottle 30 capsules.

Swiss Treasure Island. White skin with pink aura white precipitate in one tablet.
Super Whitening New Gluta Snow, Super Anti Oxidant Anti Aging.
Gluta 100000 Super Active Whitening Aura (100000 Paul White Aura) innovation of the skin to reduce acne, freckles, dark spots and antioxidants. Eating only one grain at a time, you will find only the changes since the first box.
Helps protect skin from the sun. Causing dark spots, freckles and dark circles. Help remove scars. Caused by acne, freckles, mottled fabrics make skin look brighter. Adds a bright white light pink skin looking healthy glow from within. The antioxidants help to slow. Reduce wrinkles and premature aging. Liver Detox to bring security and prevention of cancer is not dangerous. It is natural.

The results of the review.
· You then naturally radiant skin.
• Reduce freckles and dark spots gradually adjust naturally.
· Skin soft, smooth and radiant.

L-GLutathione 100000 mg.

Vitamin C 1000 mg.

Berry MIx 1000 mg.

Fiber 1000 mg.

Collagen 500 mg.

Bioflavonoi 500 mg.

Pine Bark Extract 100 mg.

Grape Seed Extract 100 mg.

Koji Berry 500 mg.

Acerora Cherry 100 mg.

Green Coffee Berry 100 mg.

Berry Fruit Extract 100 mg.
Pack size 30 capsules.

How to eat: Take one tablet once a week for 15 minutes 2 times a day - morning evening (to see a return to the black. Eat for 2-3 months).


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