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The X-FTA Dongle is wireless client make easy wifi connection with your FTA receiver to internet It works for models:Viewsat Ultra and Ultra liteCaptive Works 600s, 600P, 700s and 800sCoolsat 4000.5000 and 6000Azbox s720usb, Azbox s710usb, Azbox NTSC, Azbox s700b and many others. IT is easy to configure using the web menu interface and can be connected in just 5 minutes.PACKAGE INCLUDES:XFTA Dongle Serial Cable Connector Power Supply Log into the x-fta dongle by connecting your pc into one of the 4 lan ports and grabbing a dhcp ip address. after that you log into the web interface by typing into the url bar of your web browser.The password is password.We do not offer any support for this item. Please check the net for more info