Item Description

Wail Man Wail!

Non-Stop Original Rockabilly and Chicken Bop Volume 3 

Hollowbody Music/Sundazed Music label

Silver compact disc factory pressing

20 Tracks:

 1)  Life Begins At 4 O'Clock   (Bobby Milano)

 2)  Come On   (Wynn Stewart)

 3)  Great Day In The Morning   (The Four Teens)

 4)  Nancy   (Thye Barker Bros.)

 5)  Didn't It Rock   (Jim & Rod)

 6)  Wail Man Wail!   (Kip Tyler & His Flips)

 7)  Kee Ro Ryin'   (Johnnie & Jonie)

 8)  Three Months To Kill  (Jerry Arnold)

 9)  Machine Gun   (The Riptides)

10)  My Roberta   (Dean Beard and the Crew Cuts)

11)  She Just Tears Me Up   (Wynn Stewart)

12)  Ooh Yeah Baby   (Kip Tyler & His Flips)

13)  Bad Dad   (Gene Davis)

14)  Juliet   (Jerry Arnold)

15)  She Got Eyes   (Kip Tyler)

16)  Moon's Boogie   (Ralph Mooney)

17)  Great Day In The Morning - version 2   (The Four Teens)

18)  You Can Say That Again   (The Four Teens)

19)  Come On   (Wynn  Stewart)

20)  You Can't Get Rid Of Me   (The Barker Bros.)