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This beautiful book explores Palau's WWII ship and aircraft
wrecks. The book contains descriptive text, underwater photos of
the wrecks, and ship/aircraft profile drawings. Spectacular black
and white action photos showing ships and installations under
attack and color images depicting the beauty of the islands are
spread throughout the book. Sixty-nine illustrations and 37 maps
illustrate the mining operations of U.S. planes, locations of
wrecks, and diagrams of Japanese installations. Palau's World War
II history as an important Japanese naval base is detailed starting
with the Japanese occupation of the islands followed by the U.S.
carrier air strikes including Operation DESECRATE ONE, Operation
SNAPSHOT, and the preliminaries of Operation STALEMATE II. Several
appendices are provided as reference for the reader including
information on the Japanese war standard ship construction
programs, aerial mine characteristics, high velocity aircraft
rockets, Palau's rumored treasure wrecks, and an interview with the
former President of Palau who shares his wartime