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Match Listings

Stretcher Match For The WWE Title: Brock Lesnar © vs. Big Show

World Heavyweight Title Match: Triple H with Ric Flair ©vs. Kevin Nash with Shawn Michaels

Battle Royal For The WWE Intercontenantal Title: Booker T, Christian, Goldust, Chris Jericho, Test, Lance Storm, Val Venis, RVD and Kane

Ladder Match For The WWE Tag Team Titles: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass © vs. Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri

Fatal Four Way For The WWE Womens Title: Jazz © vs. Victoria vs. Jacqueline vs Trish Stratus

Mr. America vs. Roddy Piper

Six Man Tag Team Match: FBI and John Cena vs. Brian Kendrick, Chris Benoit and Rhyno

La Resistance vs. Test and Scott Steiner