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The Best and Most Affordable Laser Bio-Stimulation unit THAT REALLY WORKS!

The Raymax Skin rejuvenation Laser unit includes 19 x 5mw high power, industrial grade lasers that provide a total of 95mw of pure laser power output.
The unit is wired and comes with an universal auto voltage sense power adapter for worldwide use.
Only limited quantities available. 
Have you ever wondered why most soft skin lasers (sold on eBay or other websites) do not mention anything about laser power output?
The answer is simple, they provide about 0.5-3mw power output, compared to 95mw power from this unit!
Don't pay 2-3 times more for a commercial unit (with a lot less power), when you can buy this unit at fraction of the cost!

This video is for demonstration purpose only to show the benefits of Light/Photon therapy which is widely used in spas (not the actual unit you will receive)! 

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Dear laserraymax,
One thing I would like to say about this and my other unit, I am seeing and feeling results, years ago I used to heavy a face cream and experienced baggy top lids that with age become wrinkled, the small face laser is sorting this out and the hair, WoW I never thought from my wispy rather thin hair I would ever have it gaining volume and weight like it is doing, it's magic, a male collegue at work I've noticed staring at my hair as his is thinning quite rapidly, I can see the puzzled look as to "hows she getting her hair to get that thick?" anyway, I've let him know lol, many thanks for your wonderful product, keep up the good work, I know one thing! I'll never want to be without my lasers.
Warmest Regards

Product REALLY WORKS! Excellent seller and great price!! Thank you so much!!! =)
As described....seems to be working.....THANKS!!!!!!!!
nice product and top notch service. would do business with again. Thumbs Up!!
great deal saved alot fast service
Fantastic seller. Provides honest, decent service & is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Great product; BEST price; extremely fast shipping; THANKS+++++
Good communication. Well designed product. Recommended seller. A+ A+ A+
this is a great MAN, honest ebayer,fast shipping with responsability,thanks
Niko from Italy!
Great On Time Service & Delivery; Great Communication; Pleased with the Product
quick and hassle-free transaction...a definite A+
Great product; BEST price; extremely fast shipping; THANKS+++++
Product arrived quickly and was as advertised

Hello again,
I've been using your laser for 6 weeks and I can see some improvements!
Jon, Italy
Fast shipping,quality product,great value;compare to $5K for 1 !
Recent eBay feedback from Mushwig!
Hey Allen,
Thanks for the fast delivery of the Laser (Raymax unit).  Very cool product.  Your laser unit is fantastic and I am very pleased with it.
R. S, FL
  Very honest business person whom does all out to please his customers 10*'s +
Recent Feedback
Recent Feedback

Another Quality Product From Laser RayMax
Making Laser therapy More Affordable!
100% Positive Feedback, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
The coherent laser light implemented by Raymax injects precise wavelengths of bio-stimulating energy directly into the skin cells.  This light energy converts into chemical energy, promoting natural healing which rejuvenate and nurishes skin cells. 
With this expertly constructed design, all precision lasers focus their energy directly into skin and there is no "scattering" or waste like with other devices.  Virtualy all of the energy generated by lasers goes into stimulating skin cells rejuvenation. 
What are the claimed benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT) ?
  • increases blood flow and micro-circulation by over 40 per cent
  • increases oxygen and nutrient supply to generate new and healthy cells and tissues
  • treats a variety of skin conditions
  • beautifies overall skin condition
  • develps collagen
  • promotes faster scar/wound healing
  • reduces inflamation...
RayMax Soft Laser Specifications:
  • 19 self contained 5mw, 650nm, Class IIIa Cold Rapid Fire Lasers for a total of 95 mw laser power output
  • Ergonomic angle head design for ease of operation and max power absorbtion
  • Compact and easy to use, measures only 8"X1.5" inch and weighs less than 7 oz!
  • Wired, can be used anywhere (comes with universal power adapter for worldwide use, plug adapter for different countries is not included).
  • Similar units with a lot less power are sold for $$ more, compare and $ave!
All of the cold beam lasers contained within RayMax products are class IIIA that have been approved for non-medical use to  stimulate skin cells, while increasing  circulation and oxygen supply to targeted areas.
Peace of Mind
All RayMax laser units are made of quality materials and parts.  They are durable and built to last.  All units come with a 90 days service/ replacement warranty (shipping not included).
Pet Friendly

The Raymax Soft Laser can treat a variety of skin conditions, human or animals.  Give it a try and let us know about your unique experience!

   Does LLLT have any side-effects?
No. In fact, up until now, no mutational effects resulting from the use of lights with wavelengths in the red or infrared ranges, and with energies as that of the Laser, have been observed and/or reported.

It is important, however, that LLLT devices are used and operated as recommended.
What is Included with my purchase?
Raymax Soft Laser Bio-Stimulation unit and a user manual, no fancy DVD, or travel case is included!
If you are not happy with your purchase for any reasons, please contact us first, your 100% satisfaction is our #1 priority.    

Lasers should never be pointed in the eyes!



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Raymax Laser Bio-Stimulation units are for cosmetic use and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure disease. Raymax can not and will not assume any liability  from any injuries that result from the misuse of the Raymax Laser Bio-Stimulation units. The content of this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. By purchasing this product the buyer agrees that they are at least 18 years of age. Purchasers must agree that they are solely responsible for the use or misuse of this product and under no circumstances will hold the sellers or any manufacturers of this device liable or responsible for its use or misuse. Lasers should never be pointed in the eyes.