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A collection of 'Would I Lie To You' featuring Angus Deayton, Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Lee Mack.
6 Complete Series (51 Episodes) ;
12 High Quality Printed DVDs
Each disc is printed with a logo, plus series and disc number
The DVDs have menus and are region free
Playable in all DVD Players
Episode quality varies, as they have been taken from differentsources. However the majority are good quality and allepisodes are easily watchable.
A great deal of time and effort has been put into re-masteringthese episodes, removing background noise and eliminating audio/video syncing problems.
This collection is extremely rare, and the re-mastering means this is a one of kind collection.
It is not possible to buy these officially from shops or on the internet as they have never been released.
Please feel free to ask any questions if you do not understand what it is you are buying
Also please take a look at the other rare and remastered items I have available.
Note to iOffer: this set is not breaking any copyright laws as the footage is in the public domain. Customers are paying for my time of re-mastering and putting this collection together.