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The amazing complete compilation of World War 2 on a 4- DVD set. Jam packed full of hours of actual war footage and movies from the WWII time period. The DVD's are separated into different categories. The 1 st DVD focuses on Germany and Europe. The 2 nd DVD one focuses on the war with Japan and the Japanese that were in the USA. The 3 rd &   4 th DVD's focus on USA, its home front and the perspective of WWII from the homeland. It's everything you ever wanted to know about WWII.

Word of Caution: Contains graphic war footage and racism (propaganda for the war)  


10 Hours approximate total run time




  1st DVD - Germany / Europe



Title Description Duration
Divide and Conquer (1943) – Part 1, 2, 3 & 4 Shows the German invasion of Denmark , Norway , Holland , Belgium and France , including the evacuation of the British forces at Dunkirk . From the "Why We Fight" series.   56:27
World at War – (1942) – Part 1 & 2 Material was taken from secret government archives! History, filmed as it happened, shows the massacre of Ethiopia , the invasion of Austria and Czechoslovakia , the blitz of Poland , the tragic fall of France . 42:19
Mission Accomplished (ca. 1942) Chronicles one of the early (autumn 1942) bombing runs of B-17s over Europe .   10:42
Allies Fight Fierce Nazi Counter-Blow (1944)   Events within Germany leading to the present 'power drive' in the West, shown in captured German newsreels. 7:26
Allies Drive Across Rhine To Victory, (1945)   Newsreel clip including the Capture of Cologne - Tank units of the onrushing U.S. 1st Army rumble into Cologne 's suburbs, with all guns blazing at heavy pockets of Nazi resistance. 7:23
Air Army Invades Germany   (1945)
Newsreel clip from World War II documenting several stories from the last days of the European war including paratroops invading Germany and the capture of Coblenz . 6:52
D-Day Minus One (1945)   Record of the operations of the U.S. 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions in the 1944 invasion of France   16:52
Postwar Germany : 28 Months After V-E Day Part I & 2   Investigation of German industrial production capabilities after the devastation of World War II. With striking images of destroyed German cities and factories. 24:45
2nd DVD - Japan / Japanese
Title Description Duration
News Parade: Bombing of Pearl Harbor (1942)   Attack on Pearl Harbor ; the S.S. Normandie fire at a New York pier   9:35
Pearl Harbor (1942) Non-narrated agitprop film made as a quick response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into World War II.   3:21
Avenge December 7   (1942)   War bond sales promo stridently advocating vengeance against Japan for bombing of Pearl Harbor .   1:46
My Japan (1945) Complex and disturbing anti-Japanese propaganda film produced to spur the sale of U.S. war bonds. CONTENT ADVISORY: Explicit racism and extreme violence.   16:03
Japanese Relocation (ca. 1943) U.S. government-produced film defending the World War II internment of Japanese American citizens   9:28
Target Invisible (ca. 1945)
Illustrates the use of radar on a dramatized mission over Japan 8:24
Our Enemy: The Japanese (1943)   Stridently anti-Japanese film that attempts to convey an understanding of Japanese life and philosophy so that the U.S. may more readily defeat its enemy. 19:51
957th Day, The   Shows the Pacific Fifth Fleet engaged in combat action on the 957th day of WWII. Footage of landing at Guam and pacific islands.   9:41
Challenge to Democracy, A (ca. 1944) Government-produced film attempting to defend the massive internment of Japanese Americans in concentration camps during World War II.   18:03
Birth of the B-29 (1945)   Design, production and testing of World War II bomber. It ultimately become the plane that would drop the atomic bombs.   20:10
Special Delivery (1946) Airplanes and missions of the U.S. Army Air Forces, emphasizing Operation Crossroads (the Bikini Island atomic bomb tests). Use of the same B-29 that nuked Nagasaki . 12:37
Tale of Two Cities, A (1946) How the atomic bomb destroyed the people and cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Japan . 12:02
3rd DVD - USA Homeland Part 1
Title Description Duration
Combat America (1945) Part 1, 2, 3 & 4   Follows the Flying Fortress crews of the 351st Bombardment Group from the end of their training at a Colorado training field to actual combat over Germany . 61:41
Ring of Steel (ca. 1941) U.S. armed forces protect the homefront. 8:39
Freedom Comes High (1944)   A young wife learns that freedom must sometimes be paid for in lives, when her husband's ship is struck during battle.     15:54
It's Everybody's War (1945) Plea for increased commitment by Americans to win the war. Pretty amazing and heartstring-pulling tale of one town's struggles with losing boys in the war. 15:22
Remember These Faces (1945) Intense view of American soldiers in combat, produced to sell World War II bonds.   17:18
Troop Train (1943)
Evocative film following a troop train: the coordination of effort; its staging and assembly of cars, cargo and passengers; its heavily guarded journey through the American countryside. 10:53
Victory Is Our Business (1942) Intense view of American soldiers in combat, produced to sell World War II bonds. 10:44
4th DVD - USA Homeland Part 2
Title Description Duration
It's Your America (1945) An American soldier, during his combat career, realizes the greatness of his country and determines to assume his share of the responsibilities of good citizenship upon his return to civilian life. 16:29
Letter From Bataan , A (1944) A soldier pleads to the folks to home to conserve scarce wartime resources. 14:12
Mr. and Mrs. America (ca. 1945) Warfootage- Mobilizing citizens on the homefront in World War II.     13:30
Voice of Victory (1944) Part 1 & 2 How radio equipment helped to win World War II.   27:14
Wood For War (ca. 1942) Forest production and its strategic importance during wartime. In Kodachrome.   6:24
Negro Colleges in Wartime (ca. 1944) Education and training of African Americans as part of the World War II effort.   8:17
Coast Guard SPARS (ca. 1943) Women in the wartime Coast Guard. 5:43
Manpower (ca. 1943) The battle for industrial production in World War II. 8:32
San Francisco : V-J Day (1945)   Riotous celebrations in San Francisco and Redwood City , California as soldiers, sailors and civilians celebrate the end of World War II.   10:00
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