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Audio English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo (192 Kbps)
Extras Gnomes (1980 Tv Special); &Quot;Themes Around The World&Quot;; Uk Dvd Intro &Amp; Credits
Region 0 (Ntsc)
Video 4:3 Full Screen (1.33:1)
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Note: This is a set of DVD-R's in plain white CD envelopes. There is no cover art or disc art.

By now, you've probably seen several versions of "The World of David the Gnome" on DVD worldwide, or even on BRBPlay, YouTube, and just confirmed recently: Amazon Prime Instant Video and the recently-released "official" DVD in the US. You end up buying one of the official DVD quality versions and you pop it in. Something isn't right. Yes, the quality looks good, but something isn't quite as you remember it.'re right, cause for whatever reason, all official DVDs have a different intro and end credits. The music may be the same for the intro, but it's totally different for the credits. The episodes themselves are the same, at least.

Well, fear not! THIS is the DVD for you, cause, for the first time, all 26 episodes are available in a 7-disc set, in great quality, and with the ORIGINAL English intro and end credits. These are the episodes you've seen on Nick Jr. from 1988-1995 and on The Learning Channel from 1996-1998. The intros used in that original US run were unique, cause right before the intro ended, the episode title was shown. On the official (and even some unofficial) release, a new intro was created, which is the same for all 26 episodes. The end credits, which were the same for all 26 episodes to begin with, featured a mostly-instrumental version of the intro theme, with a synthesizer 80's staple! The DVDs, on the other hand, featured a different song, albeit one that was used...just not in the US. The DVDs have a longer credits sequence, and feature an instrumental of the Spanish end credits theme, "David".

Here's a demonstration video which showcases what to expect in this set:

And for fun, here's a full episode from BRB Internacional's YouTube page, which has the new intro and credits:

NO OTHER RELEASE, OFFICIAL OR OTHERWISE, IS OFFERING ALL 26 EPISODES AS THEY ORIGINALLY AIRED ON NICK JR. AND THE LEARNING CHANNEL, AND IN GREAT QUALITY (Yes, that even includes the intros and credits...the absolute best you'll ever find, period!). These original intros and end credits seem to be gone forever on ALL DVD releases. The VHS releases, which did have the original intros and credits, only offer select episodes. You cannot get all 26 episodes that way. THIS IS THE DVD YOU WANT TO GET!

Oh, it gets better too. I've even included extras! While there aren't a lot of extras, the main extra included is pretty huge. Back in 1980, a 1 hour movie aired on TV called "Gnomes". It was a precursor to "The World of David the Gnome", but not directly. This movie has never been released here at all, aside from unofficial versions. English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, no subtitles. Quality is VHS, as that's the best available right now. This RARE gem is worth the price of admission alone, but that's not how I do things here!

The other extras are small, but I felt they should be included too. "Themes Around The World" is a collection of 5 full theme songs from 5 different language versions: English (US/UK), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Italian (Italy), and German (Germany). Last, we have the UK DVD intro and credits, as mentioned above.

Special sale for this series! All 26 episodes plus the Gnomes 1980 TV Special, for only $9! Price covers discs, envelopes, shipping and fees. If you missed out on "Bobby's World: The Complete Series", You can get that and David the Gnome together for $20...25 discs total and 107 episodes total! Just make an offer for $20 with a note saying "BW"...I'll know what you're referring to. I also combine with other listings I have, and the price will be adjusted from there.

Contact me if you have any questions.