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You are about to discover...
Why WordPress is stealing your money
How to create blogs in minutes, not hours
What blog installation REALLY should look like

...all in the next 10 minutes

If you're new to blogs and WordPress,
you'll never have to worry about tech headaches.

If you already install multiple niche blogs,
in a few minutes you'll be weeping for joy,
especially with the brand-new version you'll read about.

Dear Niche Blog Owner,
"If You're New To Blogging,
Does The Tech Stuff Scare You To Death?"

Hey, I've been there.
If you're new to the blogging world...
Can you navigate your host's CPanel in your sleep?assuming you know what that is? How about FTP?
For most people, all the WordPress technical jargon sounds like a foreign language.
And how about setting up SQL databases? You'll need one per blog, and heaven help you if you make a mistake. Figuring that out can be a bear.
All you want to do is get a blog set up, not reprogram the space shuttle!
Why does it have to be so hard?

ATTENTION! If you're tired of manually installing WordPress Blogs , then you need to get WP ManagerDX to solve your problem ....
How do you like FTP-ing all those dinky little files up to your server? Oh, and if you forget one, or something goes wrong, you can spend hours tracking down and fixing what's wrong.
And multiply that gigantic pain in the neck by the number of blogs you manage.
If you've been around a while, you know that most hosting companies have Fantastico, which can make WordPress a little easier. But you still have to use CPanel for each blog, which is still inconvenient at best.
If you manage multiple blogs, WordPress can drive you to extreme frustration, maybe even anger. I call it "blog rage". And it's all because WordPress installation (and maintenance) is frustrating, maddening and a big, ugly waste of your time.
Ready to hear how this nightmare can end in a blink with the press of a button? Okay, buckle up...
"You're About To Stop The Pain
And Turn On the Money Faucet"

In the next 10 minutes, I'm going to give you the information you need to stop every bit of your WordPress pain right now. That's no exaggeration. If you don't believe me, read on...
I'm about to whack you upside the head with some cold, hard facts about WordPress blogging. You see, it's more than a pain to set up?it's reaching into your bank account and robbing you blind. The good news is, as you read the rest of this article, you'll discover exactly how to stop this crook.
Fiddling With Geeky Stuff
Is Costing You Money

Wait, isn't doing it yourself supposed to save you money?
In theory, yes. In reality, doing it yourself often ends up costing you more than it saves you. That's because it steals your time. Before you know it, days can fly by while you're still fooling around with getting your MySQL database installed.
And for you newbies, be thankful you're reading this?you're going to skip the days and weeks of recurring struggle WordPress veterans have suffered through, and jump straight to the head of the line.
Hiring Help Can Ease The Pain,
But It Hurts Your Wallet

Look, tech help is expensive. There's no denying it. You might be able to find a bargain somewhere, but you're going to pay $100 minimum to hire somebody to help you set up a good blog.
Have 10 blogs? Then get ready to plunk down $1,000 in setup fees.
And here's the bad news? when it's done, you still won't know how to do it yourself.
What happens if something breaks? Yep, you're hiring somebody to fix it. It might not even be the same person, which means it'll take time for your rent-a-geek to "get up to speed". Time is money, money, money.
WordPress Can Be Nasty
To Set Up

There's an old saying that there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip. For a WordPress installation, that's true in spades.
You have to download the files, then you have to upload them correctly.
You might have to set file permissions on your server (are you shaking yet, newbies?).
And do you want your blog to look nice? Then you'll have to hunt down a pretty WordPress theme, install it correctly and configure it the way you want.
Every installation step offers you multiple chances to make a stupid little boo-boo that brings the whole mess to its knees. You wanted a blog, but you could end up with tech rubble.
The Process Is Almost Completely Manual

You'll be busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest.
You have to FTP, CPanel, MySQL... you almost have to have a degree in computer science. And you have to know all the rights software applications to open, all the right fields to fill in, all the right buttons to push. It's crazy.
Have you ever seen somebody on television juggling ten balls? That's what a WordPress installation can feel like. Except you're juggling chainsaws. Every mistake chews up more time, delaying your profits.
Shoot, even if you're an expert, it still can take you 20-30 minutes to do all this stuff. Right? I know you've been there. Now, what if you want to set up a blog network of 100 blogs? Oh, the horror!
You see, WordPress is a pain in the neck for every single blog, every single time, no matter how good you get at it.
Maybe you'll be more familiar with how to do things on blog number 57 than you were on the first one, but the same manual effort has to be done every time. You don't get to skip steps. Unfortunately, manual installations will stink forever.
There Has Never Been An Alternative?
Until Now

When you add all this up, it isn't a pretty picture. Your "easy" blog adventure got lost in the jungle somewhere.
Maybe that's why WordPress newbies get so intimidated. It's only natural to be scared of something so risky and easy to mess up.
You probably could be making good money with your blog (or multiple blogs), if you just didn't have to spend so darn much time messing with the technical guts of the thing. But you've never had an alternative.
Read on, because in the next minute, you're going to discover how to trade your WordPress pain for joy.
"Get Your Time Back,
And Start Profiting
Like You Should"

Time is money, and you're losing it. Heck, money is money, and you're losing that too! Here's what a WordPress installation expert says:
Hi Edna,
My normal routine to installing a WordPress blog used to go like this:
Step 1: FTP to my account and upload WordPress.
Step 2: Login to CPanel and create the mySQL database.
Step 3: Upload my plugins
Step 4: Upload my themes
Step 5: Edit the WordPress config file with my database info.
Step 6: Install WordPress
Step 7: Login to WordPress
Step 8: Activate my plugins
Step 9: Choose my theme
Step 10: Delete the first post
Step 11: FTP and change permissions on .htaccess file
Step 12: Set the WordPress permalink structure
Step 13: Change default category name
Step 14: Update ping list
Step 15: Update other various settings
Overall, this took about 10 - 20 minutes.

That's from a guy who installs WordPress as part of his business. He does it for a living, and he's obviously a technical guru, and it still takes him a ton of time to get multiple blogs installed.
The good news is that the rest of the story tells you how he got smart, and stopped wasting his valuable time on crazy manual installs . Keep reading...
"Stop Fighting With WordPress,
And Start Making Money With Your Blog"

If you've been installing WordPress manually?or trying and failing? you've been rubbing sticks together to make fire.
Well, I'm giving you some matches and lighter fluid.
The all-new WP ManagerDX is like climbing into a blogging sports car, after sweating on the blogging bicycle. It takes WordPress installation and management to a level you never thought possible, but it's easy enough for a newbie to use and still produce blogs like a pro.
No more wasting time struggling with databases, or moving files, or downloading WordPress updates, or installing themes. Believe it or not, WP ManagerDX (a brand-new version) does all the manual labor for you?you'll be flabbergasted.
"Installing WordPress Manually
Is Insane"

WordPress isn't evil, but it ain't easy to install. There's no sugar coating that truth. Here's all the work you need to do for even the simplest blog:
1. Get WordPress
You'll want to check for the latest version. If you aren't using it, you're not up to date, and you're missing new features that can put your blog behind the pack.
Until now, the only way to check for new versions is manually. Then you have to install it manually, not to mention updating all the other blogs you already have.
2. Upload it and create your mySQL database
Yep, manually. You have to FTP the files. Then you have to log into CPanel and do the database dance, and hope it goes well.
3. Find, get and upload the WordPress "extras" you need
You'll want all the great plugins that are available, and you'll want a great theme. If you don't have them already, you'll have to go get them.
4. Install and configure WordPress
This is where time really disappears down the drain.
You have to edit the WordPress config file to point to your database, actually install WordPress, activate all the features you want...the list never seems to end. By the time you're done with this, there's no time left for actual blogging!
"What Wordpress Installation
Should Look Like"

Once you have WP ManagerDX installed on your web server?don't worry, it's a snap?all you have to do is follow these three insanely easy steps to install a blog:
Purchase WP Manager
Open the files
Click Install

A trained monkey could use WP ManagerDX,
and I know you're smarter than that.

The rest of William's story...

Now, with goes like this:
Step 1: Log into DX
Step 2: Click on Add New Project
Step 3: Fill in blog details
Step 4: Submit
Total time...less than 1 minute! Literally, you can watch the database get installed, WordPress uploaded and configured, plugins uploaded and activated, themes uploaded and main theme chosen, in only a few seconds. We're talking server speeds here, so you know it's fast.
Describe DX? I guess if you look up the word "amazing" in a thesaurus and read every synonym...that's a start!
DX installs and configures EVERYTHING for you! It is the ultimate time saver.
The database gets installed automatically. Time saved = 2 minutes WordPress uploaded, installed, and configured. Time saved = 5-10 minutes Plugins uploaded AND activated. Time saved = 1-2 minutes Themes uploaded and chosen. Time saved = 3+ minutes depending on how many themes I upload.
Total time saved = 11 - 17 minutes per blog!
I've manually installed dozens of WordPress blogs, which has taken me hours. With DX, now I can install dozens of blogs in an hour!
I did a test just to see how fast I can have a blog up and running now that I have DX. My results were outstanding! I registered a domain name, set up the hosting account, and installed WordPress in LESS than 10 minutes. You read correctly...I had a fully functioning website/blog in less than 10 minutes. If you think so what? try it.
Another time saver I discovered is I can install a WordPress blog from anywhere with DX! I don't have to keep carbon copies of my WordPress files, plugins, or themes on my laptop. I can install WordPress while I'm hanging out at a coffee shop, on an airplane, hotel, or even setting up a blog for a client. It doesn't matter where you are. DX is like having a remote control for WordPress!

What used to take literally hours for a newbie, and maybe even a half-hour for an all-out expert now takes no more than 10 minutes.
If you can set up WordPress blogs manually like greased lightning, you could probably get four done in an hour. With WP ManagerDX, you can create 12 blogs in a single hour (if you use the Single Install feature), with zero stress and very little work at all.
ALSO you can use the Batch Install feature allowing you to install as many blogs you want in one GO. Imagine how many WordPress Blogs you can install in one hour...
And managing and updating existing blogs whenever you need to is just as easy.
And if you ever want to uninstall a WordPress blog?hey, it happens?WP ManagerDX makes that easy too.
"Don't Let Blog Installation Pain
Keep You From The Online Lifestyle
You Deserve"

You've been running yourself ragged trying to manage your blogs, or install your blogs, or even to get your first one up and running.
Blogs can be a powerful addition to your online profit toolbox, but you're missing out because you're wasting time on technical snafus.
You know what you want to do with your blogs. You know what you NEED to do with your blogs. WP ManagerDX lets you focus on doing it, rather than spinning your wheels in the technical swamp.
You'll have a single place that lists all your blogs?whether you have one, or 100, or more. You won't have to waste time hunting for passwords and usernames.
But the real power is what you can do with centralized control. Things like this:
  • Update multiple blogs all at once. For example, you can update any number of blogs with a new theme at the same time (a new feature in WP ManagerDX).
  • Manage all aspects of each blog. That means you can edit everything for each one, including activating plugins.
  • Create as many blog templates (called Projects) as you want. Manage these in a convenient list, and generate new niche blogs from them anytime you want...with all the info pre-filled for you automatically.
  • Generate multiple blogs at multiple sites from multiple Projects in minutes. (it is recommended that you install your blogs on the same hosting account)
  • Backup and restore your databases. You can configure the software to back up every one of your blogs to your computer automatically...and restore whenever you need to.
  • Manage all your themes and plugins in one place. You can add more, remove ones you don't need, etc.
This is a powerful tool that will revolutionize your blogging life immediately, the first time you use it. Then you can spend time doing what you need to do to unleash the profit potential of your blogs, just as it should have been all along.
"Installing WordPress Blogs
Is Now A No-Brainer"

You're smart. You could figure out a manual install, and you could get good at it. But why bother?
WP ManagerDX makes it so easy to install a blog that you barely have to think about it. But you might want to watch for entertainment, while the software does in minutes what used to take you hours.
You can install WordPress blogs on as many domains or sub-domains as you want. In fact, the software will create sub-domains for you! That's right, if you'd rather install your WordPress blogs on sub-domains, no more messing with CPanel to get it done.
Once you kick off an installation, there's no need to babysit it either. You can view a lit of all your pending installations and manage them easily.
You can be as involved or as un involved as you want to be. Either way, the work gets done in a fraction of the time.
Right Now You're Thinking,
"Sure, Edna, but what if I want to
put up a 10- or 50-blog network?"

Then go right ahead! In fact, the brand new WP ManagerDX makes this so easy, you'll be amazed.
All you have to do is enter as many domains as you want in your Project, or even upload a CSV file with as many domains as you want, and WP ManagerDX?get this?will automatically create blogs at each domain on the list. It'll even select a random or a specified order of the WordPress themes for each generated blog.
There may be something this tool won't do, but you'll have real trouble finding it.
"And You Can Update
The WordPress Version Of All Your Blogs
Painlessly?In Minutes"

This single feature can save you days of maintenance time.
Whenever you install a WordPress blog, the software will always check for the newest version. It'll download it for you and upload it to your web server. Your new blogs will be up-to-date automatically.
And how long does it take you to keep all of your existing blogs updated with the latest version? Now it'll take minutes, and you don't even have to watch. You can configure the software to update existing blogs automatically too.
"But What If I've
Already Installed WordPress

No sweat. You can make WP ManagerDX aware of every one of your pre-existing manual installations. Please Note: It will update wordpress versions 2.3 and beyond. Once that's done, you'll get all the same benefits you'd get if the software had created your blog for you.
All you have to do is create a Project for an existing blog. Once that's done, you can use WP ManagerDX to change your blog's theme, add plugins, back up data...and much more.
If you have multiple blogs already, WP ManagerDX will make your life so much easier, you'll wonder how you lived without it.
"Imagine The Profit You Can Generate
When You Finally Get To Focus On It"

Imagine how many blogs you can install in one day all focused in niche topics.
Imagine all the AdSense ads, affiliate links, and other programs that pay you when you promote them?all with zero work on your part.
Imagine all the order links for your own products, pulling in orders from multiple blogs on the web.
Now you really can realize all the profit potential of blogs that everybody's been crowing about online. WP ManagerDX takes all the hard work off your plate. You get to focus on picking good niches and setting up profit-pulling blogs to exploit them.
Without a doubt, this is the most revolutionary, time-saving, cost-saving WordPress installation and management tool available online. I'm so confident it's going to revolutionize your niche blogging career that I'll back up your purchase today with:
Your 30 Days, Iron-Clad
"WP ManagerDX Will Change My Life"

If you give WP ManagerDX an honest try, and you honestly believe it isn't simplifying your WordPress blog installation and management beyond belief, simply let me know and I'll refund every last penny you paid me. There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

Some other folks are offering blog installation and management "services" online that require you to pay a monthly fee.
That wouldn't be so bad, I suppose, except that their monthly fee-based "services" don't hold a candle to the power of WP ManagerDX.
With this software, you pay once (With lots of Bonuses) and you get the most powerful tool available anywhere. You can recover the cost of WP ManagerDX in the first week one of your new niche blogs starts performing like it can.
But you actually get more than that. You'll pay for WP ManagerDX, but you'll get all future updates and upgrades Free for one year, after that year expires, you can buy more years to continue getting upgrades to your script (more info inside member area).. And if we create any new themes or plugins, you'll get special "customers only" deals on them too.
You're not buying a piece of software. You're buying a blog super-tool that never costs more money, never gets tired and never gets out of date.
In fact, the new version virtually guarantees you'll be current 100% of the time. It's so simple to Upgrade your script, just upload the files that were modified and run setup.php page via your browser. We will keep you up to date with a any new upgrades available.
Click Here to see the list of the things you need
to run this system on your host

If you're a newbie and your eyes are glazing over the list of requirements, if all that technical jargon scares you to death, don't worry. Contact us and we'll help you figure out if your hosting company passes muster. Odds are good it does. If it doesn't, and you're looking for a compatible hosting company, we can recommend one.
"WP ManagerDX Should Cost You $852
(But Don't Worry, It Won't)

The software normally sells for $297, and I could charge even more for the turbo-charged features in the new version. You'd gladly pay that for the hours and days of frustration and grunt work it'll save you, not to mention the huge sums you'd pay some rent-a-geek to do all the work.
"You Also Will Receive These
Blog Boosting Power Tools?
Worth $852"

Blogs are a powerful, and still young potential profit stream. To help you exploit them to the maximum, I'll include these tools resources absolutely free with your software :



Make Money Blogging Videos These videos will help you make money with your WordPress blogs ? $225 value


16 completely new WordPress themes. These never-before-seen WordPress themes cover various niche topics (i.e. general, dogs, business, weight loss, etc.) ? $640 value


WP ManagerDX meta-tags. This custom meta-tags plugin allows you to add meta description and meta keywords tags easily to every blog post. ? $59 value

"You Are About To Receive $852 Of Value?
For Pennies"

WP ManagerDX would sell fine for $297. And the Blog Boosting Power Tools I'll throw in are worth $852 by themselves?conservatively.
But you won't pay anything close to that.
You'll pay ONLY $197 $127 $97 $67 per year for everything I've told you about here. That's less than one-fifth of the value you're getting.
"Stop Being Frustrated by WordPress
And Start Launching Your Profits"

It's your choice. The opportunity to save yourself hours and days of frustration, and finally turn on the profit potential of your blogs is staring you in the face.
You already know what you need to do. You need to take action.
Lots of aspiring online entrepreneurs waste literally years struggling with technical stuff, rather than profiting from their online efforts. When it comes to WordPress blogs, you don't have to do that anymore. You're spending pennies to pay yourself back in dollars for months and years to come. You've dreamed about profiting from your blogs?now you really can.
You need to take action now.

Get Brillance & Start NOW!

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