Item Description
Fashionable hand gloves, knitted with pure warm

Wonderful warm and soft hand
gloves, knitted with one of the best kind of wools in the world,
precious Alpacawool, seven Times warmer than all other kind of
wools in the world.
Alkpacawool is seven times warmer as all other kind of
You will adore the softness and
elegance of these hand gloves

-Standart Size-
About the precious Alpaca wool:
The alpacas are the most numerous of
the South American camelids, with a population of approximately 3.5
million in Peru (about 75% of the world’s total). The alpaca
is usually 1.20 m to 1.50 m in height, and weighs between 45 kg and
79 kg. It has a smaller and more curved profile than the llama and
has a distinguishing fringe of hair on its forehead.
There are two varieties of alpaca:
Huacaya and Suri. The Suri has long, straight hair which is silky
and exceptionally lustrous. The Huacaya is the more numerous type
in Peru, representing 93% of the population, and has relatively
short fiber which is dense, curly and voluminous. The hair covers
almost the entire body, with the face and lower parts of the legs
having a covering of shorter fibers.
The alpaca, in its two breeds, the
Suri and the Huacaya, is the source of a beautiful fiber, of
exceptional brilliance and extraordinary texture, whose fineness
varies from 19 microns (Royal Alpaca) which is very rare, 22.5
microns (Baby Alpaca), 25.5 microns (Super Fine Alpaca), to 32
microns (Coarse Alpaca). This unique fiber also offers the largest
range of natural colors in the world, which varies from black to
white, and extends through an ample range of grays and
The names of these qualities do not
necessarily reflect the age of the animals or other phenotypical
characteristics. The appellation ‘Baby’, for example,
is applied to products (tops, yarns, cloth, etc.) where the average
fiber diameter is 22.5 microns. The fiber used to obtain this
quality does not necessarily come from baby animals; it could
easily come
from an adult animal with a very fine coat. Each quality is
employed to create different products such as cloth, scarves,
sweaters, blankets, carpets and so on. The alpaca may also be
blended with other fibers, generally of natural origin.