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The divas of the WEW are truly the innovators of Dysfunctional Family Entertainment!WEW combines wild enthusiasm and excitement of today's contemporary styled professional wrestling with all its stunts and characters of scantily clad young and vivacious women for true ultimate audience intoxication. If you are looking for the most outrageous storylines vignettes locker room drama high-flying wrestling battles with tables ladders chairs blood and guts and some kick-ass hardcore diva wrestling then you are in the right arena! What you are going see on this DVD are the truly hot sexy exotic and erotic "Divas of the Extreme." Featuring: G.I. HO Tai "Killer" Weed The P.W.O. The Queen Of Extreme" Francine The Hardcore School Girl The Exotic Latin Goddess and Nurse T plus all the superstar divas of WEW all in one DVD set!And remember "What happens in WEW stays in WEW!!!
4 disc set or pick the volume you want

Chapter Listing

Disc #1, -- Diva Destruction
Mercedes Martinez vs. Sumi Sekai [1:24]
Liera vs. Nav-a-Ho [1:35]
Angel Williams vs. Lolipop [10:17]
Angel Hunter vs. Kassidy [9:37]
Simply Luscious vs. Christi Ricci [4:32]
Hell's Belles vs. Talia & Tiffani Madison [3:41]
Persephone vs. Tai "Killer Weed" [2:37]
Disc #2, -- No Rear Entry
Angel Orsini vs. Lacey [2:04]
Simply Luscious vs. Tai "Killer Weed" [2:29]
Alexia vs. Nav-a-Ho [1:53]
Talia & Tiffany Madison vs. Hell's Belles [4:30]
Booty Call vs. Crystal "The Diva" Carmichael [4:52]
Elimination Match Featuring: Francine & Team Blondage/Tara & Britney/Socalval & PWO/G.I. Ho [5:35]
Disc #3, Si -- Squared Circle Seduction
O.D.B. vs. Persephone [2:25]
Amy Lee vs. Nav-a-Ho [2:05]
Alexia vs. Crystal Carmichael [3:46]
Maidson Girlz vs. Hell's Belles [1:54]
Angel Orsini vs. Tai "Killer Weed" [3:07]
G.I. Ho vs. G.I. Ho [:48]
Disc #4, -- No Ho's Barred
April Hunter vs. "The Lovely" Lacey [1:51]
Brittney vs. Tara Bush [1:59]
O.D.B. vs. Pussy Willow [7:30]
G.I. Ho vs. "The Diva" Crystal Carmichael [2:37]
Bobbi Jo Dollar the 3rd vs. Lolipop [:09]
WEW World Title Bout [7:33]

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