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Adorned in tight barely-there outfits the biggest stars of WOMEN'S EXTREME WRESTLING gather in one place for a series of knockdown drag-out fights filled with hair-pulling chair-throwing and utter chaos. This jam-packed collection includes devastating battles between notorious WEW favorites like G.I. Ho Tai "Killer" Weed and Pussy Willow as well as the sizzling debut of Japanese wrestler Sumei Sekai.

Women's Extreme Wrestling, Vol. 11 Big Pimpin

3. Dawn Mae vs. Cristal [4:08]
6. Christi Ricci vs. Persephony [2:47]
8. Vanessa Harding vs. Alexia [2:45]
11. Krissy Vaine vs. Jenny Taylor [3:02]
14. Nav-a-Ho vs. Tai "Killer" Weed [3:22]
18. Battle Royal [10:56]

Women's Extreme Wrestling, Vol. 12 Hot Body Stick up

2. Becky Bayless vs. Baby Phat [4:12]
4. Simply Luscious vs. Sumi Saki [2:30]
7. Kassidy vs. Michael Mannix [3:18]
10. Lexie Fife vs. DD Venturi [15:24]
11. Pussy Willow vs. Tai "Killer Weed [4:39]

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