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WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE IntroductionWISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE is the second generation of Iolite portable vaporizers.
Olgesby & Butler has taken the best-selling Iolite and enhanced it.
They’ve thrown in more style, maintained the exceptionally high quality materials and brought innovation to new heights.
These days the WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE is all about unique style, effortless enjoyment and smokeless freedom.
WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE History
The WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE was designed and built completely in Carlow, Ireland by Oglesby & Butler Ltd. Since their inception in 1984 Oglesby & Butler Ltd, have been manufacturing gas
powered portable devices.
With more then 27 years of reliable and intimate knowledge in the field of portable heat controlled units, Oglesby & Butler introduces it's second generation of portable freedom.
How the WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE WorksJust as portable as ever, the WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE features an upgraded patented butane delivery system and mouthpiece, so you enjoy the best possible experience, time after time.
The new body’s grill design means that you can, stand the WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE up, hold it anyway you choose and check the butane fuel level whenever you want.
The WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE delivers a smooth and consistent flavour through Iolite’s unique vaporization process.
The WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE is quick to start up and so light and discreet it gives you pure freedom.
With the WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE fuel level window you’ll always know the best to time to top-up the butane.
WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE Patented TechnologyThe WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE is powered by butane gas, it fills with a minimal amount and holds a charge which allows for continuous vaporization for up to 3 hours.
The WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE contains a patented flameless gas catalytic heater & thermostat.
WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE Temperature Controller
Maintaining an optimal vaporization temperature of 374° F / 190° C + - 5°, the WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE utilizes a bi-metal regulator that is thermostatically controlled.
An isolated chamber within the WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE contains the catalytic conversion, this allows the butane to heat the unit to the optimal temperature. This all happens while expelling the butane as harmless water vapor through the escape ports.
Manufacturing of all iolite Vaporizers adhere to ISO: 9001 – 2001 strict quality guidelines.
WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE Includes:
· 1 Carry Case
· 1 Maintenance Tool
· 1 Instruction Manual
· 2 Pipe Cleaners
· 1 Filling Chamber
· 1 Mouthpiece
· 1 Fine Mesh Screen
· 2 Mouthpiece Tips
Patented Technology:
Secret vape, being both odor proof and water resistant, is also the only custom vaporizer case in the market with patented design and proper technology to avoid mold and bacterial growth inside the case - even when vaporizers are stored with the natural moisture remaining inside them after vaporizing.
Discreet Nature:
When you use a Secret Vape custom vaporizer case, nobody around you will ever notice the content of the case. We have various models and options to choose from such as books, cooler boxes, carry-on luggage and ladies bag/purses. All our styles come in leather, hard case, soft case and glossy finish options.
Durable & Elegant:
Secret Vape custom vaporizer cases are constructed out of the toughest materials you can find in the market. They are extremely impact resistant, protecting all sensitive glass parts, mouthpieces and the electronic mechanisms of the vaporizers. There is extra space for your additional accessories as well.
Multi-Purpose Usage:
Secret Vape custom vaporizer cases have removable inside material which will allow multi-purpose usage of these cases. They may be used for storage of any personal belongings or valuables that you may wish to protect since they are water resistant and extremely durable.
Product Availability:
Secret Vape cases are custom designed & available for MAJOR VAPORIZER BRANDS.
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