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PLEASE NOTE! Other seller with the same# of DVDs and the same Wishbone specials is simple reselling my set! For cheaper price you get what you paid for !CHEAP RECOPIED SET with loss in quality and cheap artcover!

* By buying from my store you will receive best custom case artcover, amazing video interactive menus, best possible quality, excellent customer service, speedy delivery …
* All 48 (50) Uncut Episodes - 2 Seasons on 8 DVDs + 2 Specials "Wishbone's Dog Days of the West" and "The making of Wishbone" with case and artwork
* List of episodes:

A Tail in Twain
Twisted Tail
Rosie, Oh!
Rosie, Oh!
Homer Sweet Homer
Bark that Bark
The Slobbery Hound
Digging Up the Past
Bone of Arc
The Impawssible Dream
Fleabitten Bargain
Sniffing the Gauntlet
The Hunchdog of Notre Dame
Golden Retrieved
A Tale of Two Sitters
Hot Diggity Dawg
One Thousand and One Tails
Mixed Breeds
The Canine Cure
The Pawloined Paper
Bark to the Future
Paw Prints of Thieves
Furst Impressions
The Prince and the Pooch
The Count's Account
Salty Dog
Little Big Dog
A Dogged Exposé
A Terrified Terrier
Hercules Unleashed
Viva Wishbone!
The Entrepawneur
Pantin' at the Opera
Dances with Dogs
Rushin' to the Bone
Picks of the Litter
Halloween Hound: The Legend of Creepy Collars
The Prince of Wags
A Bone of Contention
Groomed for Greatness
War of the Noses
Barking at Buddha
Pup Fiction
The Roamin' Nose
Dog days of the West
The making of wishbone

* This set comes in QUALITY DVD CASE AND CUSTOM ARTWORK (as shown on pictures)
* Total number of DVDs: 8; cases and artworks: 1
* Average quality: Video: 9 out of 10; Audio: 9 out of 10 (see the screenshots taken from an actual set). BEST POSSIBLE video and audio quality. Compare to other's screenshots...
Please note, i never claimed quality more than 9 out of 10.
10 out of 10 can be only the quality of the retail set.
* Professional interactive menus and submenus for an easy and pleasant navigation.
* DVDs are Region Free, will play on any DVD player, DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2. Worldwide Playback.
* 100% in chronological order and Commercial Free.
* Consecutive content playback with no return to the main menu after every single episode.

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* Please, note, this is out of print series transferred to DVDs. This is not a retail set. This is unofficial, fan-made set.
* We use only HIGH QUALITY TOP-RATED MEDIA and MATERIALS for maximum quality.
* We use Standard DVD cases, not library, slim or cheap cases with sleeves in it. Only high quality Standard cases for the best disc protection and storage
* All sets from my store ARE MADE BY ME, so you will receive original quality, not recopied sets or cheap downloads with terrible quality. Please, note there a lot of sellers who are reselling my sets. By buying cheaper version you will get cheaper quality!
* We burn all DVDs directly from the computer. We do not use duplicators, as they cause quality loss and scratches on DVDs.
* My sets are not for trading or reselling. Don't even waste your time and money by buying and reselling my sets. In anyways i will find out who you are. MAKE YOUR OWN SETS to sell or trade. Please, be respectful to others time and efforts...

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