Item Description
Manufacturer Specifications
 Primary Function: Wireless Nightvision Security Camera with USB Receiver
Receiver Specifications:
 Receiving Frequency:
Channel 1: 2.414 GHz
Channel 2: 2.432 GHz
Channel 3: 2.450 GHz
Channel 4: 2.468 GHz
 Demodulation Mode: FM
 Antenna: 50ohm SMA
 Receiving Sensitivity: 48dB
 Gamma Correction: >0.45
 Locked Frequency: Yes
 Motion Detection: Yes

 Email Alert: Yes
 Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 deg C
 Recommended Range for Objects: 1-15M
 Max effective range: 15 M
 Transmission Range: 20m Maximum
 Recording Format:
Picture: JPG
Video: AVI
 Dimension: Diameter 53 x 62 (L) mm
 Power Adapter: 100-240V
System Requirement:
 CPU: 1.8 GHz or Higher
 Memory: 256 MB or more
 Hard Drive Space: 100 Mb for Software installation
 OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
 USB Connection: USB 2.0 Required
 Manufacturer Ref: OJPPODKTNHN4

Product Notes
 Great product for security novice or expert
 You can view the camera images with AV line and wireless receiver at the same time, but you can only control camera functions from your computer
 USB DVR Receiver has 4 different frequency channels. It is possible to connect up to four cameras to one USB receiver, but they need to be tuned to different frequency(see Receiver Specification)

Package Content for Model CVLM-I71
 Wireless Mini Security Camera
 Wireless USB DVR Receiver
 Power Adaptor
 AV Cable
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
 Can I have 2 or more of this product setup within 10 meters distance from each other?
No, you will need to tune the camera to different frequency if you want to do so. Otherwise, this will cause signal interference and the Wireless DVR will usually pickup the closer one.
 Do I have to turn nightvision on manually?
No, the internal light sensor will automatically turn on the nightvision if light condition is low.
 Is this AV output compatible with TV systems in North America?
This model is compatible with any modern TV and recording system that can switch between the PAL/NTSC color systems, which includes most security grade DVR's and monitors made in the last 10 years.