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Bluetooth 2.0 interface standard.
Support iPad 3rd gen function keys. Large capacity battery recharger for iPad 3.
Silver frosted enclosure and comfortable touch.The single thickness of the keyboard is only 8mm
Silence design, it will not affect other people's rest.
This newly hard shell protective cover with Bluetooth keyboard is especially designed for iPa
eyboard Specification:
Battery Lithium Polymer
Working Current:2.5mA
Sleeping Current:200uA
DC-in: 5V 1.5A
DC-out: 5V 2.0A
How to use?
Turn on Bluetooth on your iPad.
Select Settings>General>Bluetooth>on
Turn on the bluetooth keyboard by sliding the power switch.
The Bluetooth indicator light will be on 5 seconds then go off.
Press the connect button. The Bluetooth indicator light will be blinking.
The keyboard is now ready to be connected.
"Bluetooth keyboard for ipad"will show on your ipad screen as an available
Bluetooth device.
Select"Bluetooth keyboard for ipad "and a four-digit code will show.
Type the four-digit code by the Bluetooth keyboard ang press Enter.
Your keyboard and iPad should automatically connect.
Package contents
1 x Bluetooth keyboard Case for iPad
1 x USB charging cable