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Cobra Wire Stripper is a heavy duty wire stripper for your scrap wires and cable, It has been built with industrial strength aluminum motor

110V/60HZ or upon request 220v,230v,240, and 380v, which is powerful, high efficient and dependable. Cobra Wire Stripper is direct gear driven, single blade operation and weights only 63 KG's

Cobra Wire Stripper is the only in the market with side adjustable knobs with cutting range from 1.5mm to 45mm. This machine cuts through cable like butter!

The blade is made of high speed steel and each blade is made to last a minimum 12,000 feet of wire and twice the lifetime compare to regular cutting wheels.
Compared to similar strippers that are built with less than 1 hp(750w) motor, the Cobra Wire Stripper comes standard with minimum 1.5 KW, double the size of traditional wire strippers in the market place. The Cobra Wire Stripper has an industrial grade heavy duty motor, offers you true performance!

Built to last with heavy duty fabrication, and a durable chain so you will have a reliable powerful wire stripper to strip almost any cable or wire at average speed 40 to 60 ft/per min, continually without cutting the cables into small pieces.

Power: (1.5KW) minimum for 110v 60 hz, but we can custom make this machine for anywhere in the world!
Cutting range: 1.5mm to 45mm
Net Weight: 63 KG
Overall dimension 58 cm*41cm*52cm