Item Description
Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Your Cingular / AT&T Treo 750
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade For Your Cingular / AT&T Treo 750

  ENABLES HSDPA! - Allows Data Transfer up to 1.8 Mbps, plus a lot of new features added!

GUARANTEED TO WORK! I will provide support if needed! I answer my emails immediately!

Upgrade and keep your TREO up to date with this update.
Takes less than 15 minutes to upgrade.

Very easy -- 4 STEPS:

1- Get your file
2- Connect your device
3- Backup your data
4- Run the update
You can email me at any time for support.

This upgrade offer provides you the ability to upgrade your TREO 750 SmartPhone with Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 6 without purchasing new hardware.

I will send you the file soon after payment is made.

Let me know if you have any questions.