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polyose>40% 300mg *60caps
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wild rainbow conk lucid ganoderma reishi extract 10:1 Coriolus versicolor mushroom polysaccharide >40% 300mg *60capsules

suggest efficacy:

Liver disease, cirrhosis, ascites, alcoholic liver, etc.

English name:

Coriolus versicolor mushroom polysaccharide
Coriolus versicolor was) also known as the Corilus fungus, Coriolus versicolor, color velvet bacteria, tile bacteria, medicinal value is high, do all kinds of medicines, health products, functional food raw materials.
Pharmacological effects
The bacteria mainly for medicinal dewetting phlegm effect, to treat lung disease and chronic bronchitis, persistent or chronic hepatitis, but also as immune therapy of patients with liver cancer.
Coriolus polysaccharides are the main active ingredients in Coriolus versicolor extract: the molecular weight of more than 1.3 × 10 6 glucan containing β-glycosidic bonds, and measured beta (1 → 3) and β (1 → 6 ) glycosidic bond, the main active ingredients of Coriolus versicolor extract Coriolus polysaccharides. Polysaccharide of Coriolus versicolor mycelia and polysaccharide fermentation broth has a very strong inhibition of cancer cell activity.
The anti-tumor effect of PSK, the role of immune enhancement and protection of the liver's role has been widely used in clinical.

Versicolor is the main active ingredients of Coriolus versicolor polysaccharides, Coriolus polysaccharides have immunomodulatory function is a good immune enhancer, with the role of enhancing immune cell function and the ability to identify and increase the amount of the IgM; versicolor polysaccharide with protecting liver the role of the liver, can significantly reduce serum transaminases have significant role in repair of liver tissue lesions and necrosis of the liver.
(1) to improve immune function and the: versicolor bacterial polysaccharides can enhance the phagocytosis of mouse peritoneal macrophages. PSK (PSK) on the time exposure with 60Co 200γ body, resulting in lower immune function, has a therapeutic effect. Can significantly increase serum lysozyme levels and spleen index was irradiated mice, and that the non-specific immune function of macrophages has a role in promoting.
(2) anti-tumor effect: PSK (PSK) on sarcoma S180, leukemia L1210, and adeno-AI755 was inhibited.
3 anti-atherosclerotic effects: Experiments show that PSK (PSK) can effectively inhibit the formation and development of the atherosclerotic plaque.
(4) the role of the central nervous system: PSK (PSK) can improve learning and memory function in mice and rats, scopolamine induced learning and memory impairment, there were significant improvements.
Suggested Dosage:

3-6 capsules 2-3 times daily
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&Mushroom powder, mushroom extract, mushroom health care products, maitake mushroom medicine and mushroom products OEM (capsule and instant tea).

&Mushroom powder 100% pass 80 mesh(maitake, agaricus blazei, reishi, cordyceps sinensis mycelium, shiitake, hericium erinaceus, coriolus versicolor, polyporus umbellatus, poria cocos, pleurotus ostreatus, flammulina velutipes, coprinus comtus, pleurotus citrinopileatus, agrocybe aegerita, agaricus bisporus, tremella fuciformis, phellinus igniarius, phaeoporus obliquus(chaga),antrodia cinamomea, reishi shell-broken ).

Mushroom extract(polysaccharides)

Maitake 10%-80%, agaricus blazei 10%-80%, reishi 10%-50%(alcohol extract, triterpene:2.5%-18%), cordyceps sinensis mycelium 10%-60%, shiitake 10%-50%, hericium erinaceus 10%-60%, coriolus versicolor 10%-60%, polyporus umbellatus 10%-60%, poria cocos 10%-60%, pleurotus ostreatus 10%-60%, flammulina velutipes 10%-60%, coprinus comtus 10%-60%, pleurotus citrinopileatus 20%, agrocybe aegerita35%, agaricus bisporus 20%-30%, tremella fuciformis 30%, phellinus igniarius 20%-40%, phaeoporus obliquus 20%-30%,marasmius androsaceus mycelium 20%-30%.
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