Item Description

Before Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson hit it big with the Black Eyed Peas and on her own, she was part of a very talented singing trio that consisted of herself, Renee Sandstrom & Stefanie Ridel, together, they were known as Wild Orchid. I have compiled a lot footage of WO and converted it onto 2 DVDs, it's almost over 6 hrs of these 3 ladies at their best:

Disc 1:

Loveline #2
Beverly Hills, 90210 - Declaration & Come As You Are
Target Scene
Hard Copy
Total Access 24/7
Ricki Lake - Supernatural (live)
Jenny Jones - Supernatural (live)
Macy's Thankgiving Day Parade - 25 Days Of Xmas
Donny & Marie - Be Mine
Pat Bullard Show - At Night I Pray
Soul Train - ANIP
Singled Out
Caryl & Marilyn
Goode Behavior
The Electric Circus - Talk To Me & Supernatural (live)
Whatz Going On
E! Wild on the Mexican Rivera
MXG Beach Countdown
MTV Oddville - Supernatural (live)
Home Team with Terry Bradshaw
Crook & Chase - TTM (live)

Disc 2:

Woman's Day - BM
MTV Rude Awakening
FOX After Breakfast
Kids Inc. Convention/Backstreet Boys beach party
Oakland, CA concert - Opening for NSYNC
FOX Family's Labor Day Countdown
Front Row Center
E! Wild on the Vegas Strip
Before They Were Rock Stars
FOX Family Countdown
Talk To Me (Original & Remix)
Supernatural (With & without Rap)
At Night I Pray
My Tambourine
Be Mine
Merry Kris-Mix
Ft. Lauderdale Guess! Show
Harligen, TX radio show


NOTE: I want to let you guys know that the quality of the footage on these DVDs is not perfect in anyway. Also, I do have some of their show, "Great Pretenders", but they're scattered and can't put them together. I'll also accept trades for more WO footage, if anybody has any as well.