Item Description

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Quick Overview

This item is a perfect companion for Nintendo Wii gamers: 2 remote controller grips charging at the same time, accelerator supported, 2*2800 mAh rechargeable battery packs included, short charging time and long using time, easy operation....
* Can charge two remote controller grips at the same time.
* Accelerator supported: DO NOT need to remove the plug-in accelerators when charging the grips.
* You can also choose to remove the accelerators when charging.
* Two power supply: PC USB port or Wii USB port through the provided USB cable.
* Includes 2*2800 mAh rechargeable battery packs.
* Charging time = Batttery Capacity×1.2/400.
* Can be used for 25-40 hours after fully charged.
* With ON/OFF switch.
* Under each charging socket, there is a LED indicator to show the charging status.
* Blue LED surrounds at the stand base for decoration when you're charging the batteries.
* Easy operatin.
* Make your playing easier and more enjoyable.
* An ideal companion for Nintendo Wii gamers.


* Power: PC USB port or Wii USB port through the provided USB cable
* Input DC: 5V
* Charging current: <420mAh
* Charging time = Batttery Capacity×1.2/400
* Using time after fully charged: 25-40 hours
* Battery capacity: 2800mAh
* Indication: 2 LED indicators below each charging socket
Red LED light: Charging
Green LED light: 90% charging power
* Housing: Plastics
* Color: White
* Charger station size: 100*78*73mm
* Net weight (batteries excluded): 105g
* Package weight: 217g
Package including:
1 * Wii Remote Controller Dual Charger Accelerator-Supported 2*2800mAh Batteries
1 * USB cable
2 * 2800mAh battery packs
How to Use:
* Plug the battery packs into the Wii remote controller grips.
* Put the 2 remote controllers (Whether removing or keeping the plug-in Accelerators, it's all your choice and convenience) into the 2 charing socket.
* Connect the charger with your PC USB port or your Wii USB port through the provided USB cable.
* Turn ON the switch, the red LED light is on, and your grips are being charged.
* When the light turns green, stop charging.
The battery packs can ONLY be charged when pluged in the grips.