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3 colors available
Silver, Gun Metal, gray
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The Wickie Pipe is the latest innovation in the tobacco pipe industry. There has been a number of self igniting lighter tobacco pipes out there, Wickie is by the far the coolest one. It comes in a stunning hard covered gift box with a poker and extra mesh screens included. The overall sise of the Wickie pipe is approx 9.2 cm in length.

Wickie Pipe’s integrated lighter runs on butane which can be refilled easily from the bottom of the pipe. Unlike other traditional self-igniting lighter pipes, Wickie has a movable mouth piece pipe, which when intended to use pops out at a 90 Degree Angle; thus, making it really easy for the smoker to hold the pipe while smoking from it. The lighter when pressed, ejects a flame just over the stainless steel bowl. The bowl comes with a protective lid which can be also used to save the tobacco for use.

The Wickie pipe comes with a cleaning poker device which can be used to remove the tar that gets stuck from burning the tobacco. The poking device can be inserted through the mouth piece pusing all the tar towards the bowl where it can be easily removed. The bowl can be cleaned and washed off with a piece of cloth.