Item Description
REAL DOLL performance flexibility - able to withstand 3 times
the skin stretched water - all models are solid, insoluble in water
pollution - that nothing can stick to the doll body, easy to clean
and durable - can be a long period of repeated use, not damaged
realistic - in strict accordance with the proportion of correct
Molded feel - very soft and smooth, as the real physical
flexibility - interface with a wide range of activities of regional
security - the human body is absolutely safe, non-toxic, odor-free
convenience - readily available and always give you mind and body
to enjoy the highest degree Material - Silicone - Aluminum Process
- personalized to the vagina and anus soft, smooth and elastic.
Abnormal skin smooth and able to withstand any reasonable position.
So that the chest is closer to the real human body, you feel more
full. Let the hand become more flexible, flexible, close to the
real. Let the legs and feet more easily done, and do all sorts of
real position. All joints of your body more flexible and free. Can
be completely in accordance with the specific requirements of your
production. Body parts are designed according to human aesthetics.
Each has a set of free dental for your choice. Hasp cushion design
easy to use and difficult to damage. Each doll is entirely hand
crafted all. We provide the U.S. simulation dolls, body and face
any of your wide choice, including 10 women and 16 interchangeable
body types women face. RealDolls is fully customizable, including
the nail color. If you ever dreamed of creating your ideal sexual
partner, then you've come to the right place. The latest materials
and technology, 10 years of experience to create the world's best
silicone dolls. Skeletal system of a number of technical
improvements, including stainless steel parts and excellent
equipment, the United States is a great simulation of the creation
of dolls, and set new standards in the toy industry