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READ ENTIRE LISTING THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDSNEW VERSION 3 1500+ Different Sources TO HELP YOU BECOME A POWERSELLERThanks for visiting you are looking at The Ultimate Wholesale Supplier & Drop Shippers List Collection! Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 3, Ipad, Ipods. Who says you can’t buy these items at the same prices the big retail stores like Wal-mart and Best Buy purchase them at? This is a must have for any personally owned business, whether you want to get your business successfully off the ground, or exploit these sources to hook yourself up with some great items for CHEAP!Look @ WHAT BUYERS ARE SAYING:~I personally used this list to buy a wholesale lot of Gameboy Advanced Video Games at 5 Dollars a game and sold them on here for 20 a piece.m I also Used it to buy Kinects when everyone had them sold out @ $140 a piece and turned around and sold them for $195~ With this collection of sources you too can start making or saving money. Ever wondered were eBay power sellers get all their supplies from? WHOLESALE! They buy in bulk to achieve great savings then sell them at regular price to everyone else. With this information you too can become one. Even more convenient a lot of these people offer Drop Shipping.  Drop Shipping = Drop shipper holds inventory and you tell them where to send the item too. Buyer pays you, you tell supplier where to ship, they put your name or company on the slip, buyer never knows you didn’t keep inventory on hand. Here is a quote from one of the wholesalers who accepts PAYPAL! 5 Ps3's 120gb for 450 + Shipping. Thats about 100 dollars per PS3 after shipping. Who can beat that!! I can provide the direct link to this seller. What you are PURCHASING: 1500!!! (Updated for Ver. 3) WHOLESALE & DROPSHIP SOURCES List!!! IPODS WII XBOX 360 PS3 LOTS OF ELECTRONICS SOURCES!! An Additional list of another 200 Sources with various items of everything you will need!!, Electronics, Clothing, Shoes and Boots, Jewelry, Pet Products, Infant and Childrens Items, Party/Wedding Supplies, Candles, Craft Supplies, Too...and MUCH more. Donations are handled through eBay, and the donation is automatically deducted @ purchase by eBay, Thus the NO REFUNDS PolicyI accept payment via PayPal only. Email with list will be sent to PayPal address within 24Hrs. Prompt positive feedback will follow after you leave feedback first. NO REFUNDS ALL SALES ARE FINAL.