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Originally produced in 1993 to mark the 30th anniversary of
the event, this investigative biography examines the Kennedy
assassination by exploring the enigma that was Lee Harvey Oswald.
The program contains several investigative exclusives, including
the final interviews with several KGB agents who handled Oswald,
the final photographic evidence linking Oswald to the notorious CIA
pilot David Ferrie, and the definitive proof that Oswald's
fingerprints were on the rifle that killed John F. Kennedy.
The result of a year-long investigation by more than a dozen
reporters and expert consultants, "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?"
draws upon hundreds of witnesses, in particular those who closely
studied and observed him, as well as documents, photos, and video
and audio recordings many of which had never before been made

167 minutes.
Basic menu - chapter stops, no commercials.
Good picture and sound quality.
2 DVD-R in paper sleeves no artwork.

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