Item Description
We are High Life inc. We have been selling bath salts for over 7 years now. We just found this site. We offer the products at a good price and make sure you are happy and safe in your transaction. We offer White Girl bath salts in 500mg packs. We can sell you 1or we can sell you 10,000 packs if you wish. The price you see listed for this item is the retail price. We also do wholesale pricing as well. Min qty for the wholesale price is 25. We offer shipment by COD(cash on delivery) this way you are assured of what you are getting before you pay for your items. Most people out there will not do this. As I said earlier we have been selling these types of products for over 10 years(Ivory Wave for 7). We offer safe, discreet packaging and a safe way to get your products. People always ask why we do COD and we say so you can get to trust us. I wouldnt expect soemone to pay for something they were not sure that they were not going to get. Also, due to the nature of the product we have been having as hard time trying to find a merchant account that will underwrite us on a continual basis. We have been looking and wil contiunue to do so. Once we are able to do this it will be posted. We pride ourselves on customer service and if you buy form us you will see that. We offer constant communication during your order. From the time you place it till the time you recieve it. Tracking is sent the same day package is sent. All orders once confirmed by you are sent out that day.  If order is approved and you want overnight then order must be approved before 1130 Alaska time in order to get your order out in time. Check around, we are a very reputable company and offer our services and products to you. Please see our other products listed on here as well. Thanks for your time and I hope we can do busines swith you. Our shipping rates are below:First class 5-7 days freePriority 3-4 days 8.50Overnight 20