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West Wing the Complete Series Seasons 1-7
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One of the BEST Series on Television
the mind of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (A FEW GOOD MEN) comes this
controversial NBC drama The United States government is run by highly intelligent and fiercely devoted mservants of the public good, and its presidency is occupied by noble, brilliant, and charismatic men whose insightful leadership inspires the world.

This is the romantic fantasy created by writer Aaron Sorkin, alongside directorial partner-in-excellence Thomas Schlamme, and it is the base idealism that fueled seven seasons of one of television's greatest achievements. Throughout its impressive run, The West Wing took viewers behind the scenes of numerous aspects of American government, focusing heavily on the unsung
individuals who staff its Executive Branch and the controlled insanity they face every single day. Now the entire journey is available on DVD from Warner Bros. Entertainment in this stylish box set.
The West Wing was the best show on network television. It combined the wit and charm of Aaron Sorkin with a stellar cast and a production quality typically
reserved for theatrical presentations. It made in-depth political analysis compelling for even the most casual viewer. television.


Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, and John Spencer


Jason Ensler