Item Description

Volume III: A Child's Guide To Good And Evil

Part 4:  Where's My Daddy 

Silver compact disc factory pressing

23 Tracks:

 1)  A Child Of A Few Hours Is Burning To Death

 2)  A Child's Guide to Good And Evil

 3)  Ritual #1

 4)  Ritual #2

 5)  Watch Yourself

 6)  Eighteen Is Over The Hill

 7)  Until The Poorest of People Have Money To Spend

 8)  In The Country

 9)  As Kind As Summer

10)  As The World Rises and Falls

11)  Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude

12)  Where's My Daddy

13)  Where Money Rules Everything

14)  Hup Two!  Hup Two!

15)  My Dog Back Home

16)  Give Me Your Lovething

17)  Outside/Inside

18)  Everyone's Innocent Daughter

19)  Free As A Bird

20)  Not One Bummer

21)  Have You Met My Pet Pig

22)  Coming Of Age In L.A.

23)  Two People