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Welcome to my auction. Up for auction is a Werewolf Book of Shadows. This Werewolf Book of Shadows consists of over 20 pages. Just a few of the pages included are: Werewolf defined by Wikipedia, Lycanthropy & Therianthropy, Portait of a Werewolf, Werewolf Powers, Egyptian, Greek, & Rome Werewolves, American Werewolves, She-Wolf, Werewolf Crystals etc, Werewolf Transformation, Werewolf Transformation Ritual, Werewolf Ritual, Werewolf Manifesto, Wolf Prayer, and Wolf Reiki Empowerment Manual.
All these pages are JPEG files or PDF files and will be placed on a CD and mailed to you.
I own the intellectual property rights of this Werewolf Book of Shadows to sale.
Thank You.