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Welcome to my Webkinz CLEARANCE SALE! Everything you
see here is SUPER discounted.

I give even MORE discounts when you buy several items. See anything you like? Make an offer today!

I have Super Beds, trophies, Jumbleberry, Spree, Signature PSI, Exclusives, Christmas, Holiday and much, much more!

If you don't see what you're looking for, ask me and I might just have it.

Token Collector Trophy
Operation Gumball Trophy
Poncho Jelly Beans x2

2010 Christmas Furniture - $1 for 3 pieces or $10 for the entire
set! (Have mutiples of each, just ask!)

Holiday Food: (.50 each/ buy 3 get 1

Valentine's Day
Tart Heart Candies - (Last available Feb 2009)

Fall Fest
Hot Apple Cider x3 (Last available Sept 2009)

Candy Cane x5 (2007)
Christmas Tree Cookie (2009)

Egg Nog (Jan 2009)
Peppermint Snowflake x3 (Jan 2009)
Snow Bear Sugar Cookie x2 - (Jan 2009)

Christmas Gifts/Items :
2007 Christmas Tree Hat - $4
2007 Green Kinz Kringle Outfit (3 pieces)- $3
2008 Arte Holiday Plush x2 - $2
2008 Holiday Bomber Jacket - $2

Other Holiday Gifts/Items:
2007 Halloween Elephant Costume (4 pieces)
2007 halloween Hippo costume (4 pieces)
2007 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat - $3
2010 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Top & pants x2 - $2
2009 Valentine's Chocolate Egg Area Rug - $3
2010 Valentine's Forever You Rose - $1
2011 Easter Egg Holder Loveseat x3 - $2 each

Deluxe Prizes: $2 each
Daredevil Helmet
Dare Devil Jumpsuit
Deluxe Disco Jacket
Ringmaster's Blazer

Exclusives (current): $1 each!

Exclusives (Retired): $2 each!

Exclusives (Signature): $3 each!
Lavish Limo
Fashionable Gas Fireplace x2
Masterful Wardrobe
Regal Rug
Stately Dining Chair

Fall Fest: $1 each!
2008 Harvest Time Poster
2010 Autumn Sunset Toque
2010 Potted Elm Tree

Jumbleberry: $2 each
Jug of Pickleberry Juice
Weather Barn Wallpaper

KinzStyle: $1 each!
Cherry Tank Top
Pink Butterfly Dress
Pink Webkinz Hoody
Springtime Dress
Warm Up Pants
Warm up Set Hoody

Pet of the Month Exclusives: $2
Dex's Lugbot Lookout
Flying Saucer
Frosty Snow Making Machine
Magic 9 Ball
Playful Picture

PSI'S (current) -$1 each
Black & White Cheeky Dog Black and Chrome Paw Stove
Black Bear Cave Bed x2
Bull dog Fire Hydrant Fridge
Elephant Big Top Go-Cart
Golden Retriever Treadmill
Googles Scrying Pond
Hippo Wallowing Tub
Puckerfish Luscious Lip Leather Sofa
Red Panda Crimson Red Outfit (3 pieces)
Tree Frog Trampoline
Velvety Elephant Travel Trunk
White Terrier Trailblazin' Terrier Scooter

PSI'S (Retired) $2 each
American Albino Garden Stripes Table (retired Jul 08)
Cheeky Monkey Banana Hammock (retired Oct 08 )
Fantail Goldfish table (retired Aug 08)
Manatee Mangrove Treasure Trove (retired Aug 09)

PSI'S (Seasonal) : $3
Clover Puppy Pot-o-Gold Safe
HOP Bunny Drum Set and Shirt x2
Lamb Little Lamb Bed x2
Reindeer Far North Sleigh

PSI'S (Signature/E Store) : $4
Signature German Shepherd Puppy Control Station
Signature Lop Bunny Bed
Signature Timber Wolf Howling Ridge
Signature Red Wolf Endangered Island Getaway
Recess: $.50 per Item!
Academy Banner
Academy P.E. Uniform Shirt
Academy P.E. Uniform Shorts
Academy School Binder
Miss Cowaline Plush
Goo-Goo Berry Juice Box (food)
Goo-Goo Berry Pie (food)

Retirement Cupcakes ($.50 each)

Signature Exclusives $2
Endangered Tranquil Television $3
Fashionable Gas Fireplace x2
Masterful Wardrobe
Regal Rug
Stately Dining Chair
Stately Dining Table

Spring Celebration 2011 - $1 each
Bunny Top Hat x3
Candy Eggs Picnic Basket x3
Cherry Blossom Wind Spinner x4
Eggcellent Spring Glasses
Spring Blossom Blazer x2
Spring Fling Dress x2
Toothy Bunny Mask

Spree! ($1 each or buy 3 get 1 FREE)
Big city bus Stop ($2)
Curvy turn street tile
Parking Street Tile x6
Sharp turn street tile
Slow sign
Straight Street Tile x3
Three Way Stop street Tile x3

Super beds: $2
Sleeping Dragon Bed (retired Oct 10) $3
Super Bed Gift Boxes x2 ($3)

Superhero Theme:
Wrap around computing chamber $2
Everything else is $1!

Vacation Island Prizes:
Conch Shell $.50
Inflatable Palm Tree x3 $.50
Pirate Costume Sash- $1
Pirate Costume Silk (Shirt) -$1
Ship in a Bottle - $.50
Weathered Wall Anchor - $.50

Wardrobes: $3 each
Fantastic Fall Wardrobe
Spectacular Pink Wardrobe

Webkinz Cares:$1 each
Webkinz Cares Clock
Webkinz Cares Painting
Webkinz Cares Sofa
Webkinz Cares Top Hat

Wheel and Other Misc. Prizes: $1 each unless otherwise noted
ANY W-Shop Items! $1
Curio Shop Items $1
Goo-Goo Berries x3 (food)
Goo-Goo Berry Float $2 (rare food)
Magic W Shades
Monkey & Monkey Movie Poster
PJ Collie Plush x2
Rockinz Mohawk
Shamrockin' Guitar x3 - $2
Tin of Spinach -$.50
Wheel of the Month Tee -$.50
Wheel of WOW Jacket $.50
Zingoz Wind Spinner x3 - $1

Magic W Toque - $1

2009: $2 each
Snowy Blue Toque x2
Winterfest Parka
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