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Original limited edition animation sericel
• Complete with studio stamp, seal and a gallery COA
• This sericel has been long sold out
• Approximately 10.5 x 12 inches in size, ready to be framed and
• Hard to locate on the collectors market, and retailing in other
Galleries for £295
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• This sericel is in fine condition and comes with a laser printed
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a memorable scene from your favourite Cartoon at a very affordable
• Never forget the moment, and let it bring a smile to your
day every time you take a glance
• Fill that important gap in your collection, or start a new
collection with the magic of Animation Art
• Treat your family, friends, or loved ones, and let them share
the joy of owning their own piece of Animation Art
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If you are new to Animation Art and want to gain a little understanding
of the different mediums of Animation Art available, simply scroll further
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Animation Cel
- A cel (short for celluloid) is a blank clear plastic sheet used by
the studio artist to paint an animated character or object based on
the animator's original pencil drawing. The cels are then placed over
a background and photographed in sequence to produce an illusion of
life in the completed film or cartoon short. Every cel is different
but this does not mean that every cel is unique. Often multiple copies
of a cel were created by the Inkers as colour models in order to advance
their technique and skills.
12 Field Cel - This refers to the size of the area
on the artwork which falls within the sight of the camera. Measuring
approximately 10.5" x 12.5" this is the standard size for
cels, backgrounds and drawings.
16 Field Cel
- This refers to the size of the area on the artwork which falls within
the sight of the camera. Measuring approximately 12.5" x 16.5"
this is the standard size for cels, backgrounds and drawings.
Production Cel - Any cel created for the production
of an animated film, commercial or cartoon short. This does not necessarily
mean that the piece appears in the film. Model cels and preliminary
art are all production artwork.
Limited Edition Cel - A non production hand painted
cel created for sale to the collectors market. It is produced in fixed
limited quantities and is easily identified by a fraction (150/500)
in the lower right hand corner. They were not used in films or cartoon
shorts, and the original intent was to recreate the original production
cels. Nowadays many studios release new images not based on production
Sericel (Serigraph)
- A non production cel created by means of a printing process similar
to silk screening. No work is done by hand, therefore no painting or
inking is involved. They are often produced in limited quantities of
300 - 5000, and they are marketed as a low cost alternative to production
and limited edition cels.
Animation Drawing
- A drawing on paper in pencil, sometimes coloured which is created
by a studio artist of an animated character or object for which the
cels are later created.
Production Background
- A background created for use in a production of an animated
film. It must be noted that a production background may not necessarily
originate from the same production that the cel is from.
Matching Master Background / Key master Setup - This
is often referred to as a key master background setup, but is simply
a cel or cels with the background from the same scene that were originally
photographed. When framed these will look exactly as they do in the
original film or cartoon short.
Lithograph - These images (prints) are created using
a print process. They are produced in limited quantities, numbered and
signed or are mass produced. Non limited pieces become discontinued
and are harder to locate, therefore increasing in value.
Giclee - The French term "Giclée",
literally meaning "spray of ink," is used to describe these
prints. Four precision nozzles spray up to a million microscopic droplets
per second on to fine art paper. Then, each piece of paper is individually
hand-mounted. Displaying a full colour spectrum, the prints are lush
and velvety, capturing the subtle nuances of the original artwork.

is Animation Art? -
Animation Art is more than just the cels and backgrounds seen by a camera
in the finished version of an animated film, cartoon, short or commercial.
It also includes inspirational sketches and paintings, story ideas,
character models, and drawings used in the making of the animated film,
as well as post production models and publicity work, and all other
works prepared after its completion. Why is Animation Art important? - Animation Art has
become a universal art form that has entertained, informed, and instructed
generations around the world for almost 100 years. Animation speaks
to everyone in a universal language, regardless of age, creed, or nationality.
makes Animation Art valuable? - Age and rarity are two important
factors. What character(s) are in the Artwork, and what expressions
they are showing. Figures in a full pose position are normally more
sought after than a head shot or half body pose. Memorable scenes from
classic films or cartoons create a high value. Villains and Princesses
are also valuable. Signatures of artists connected with a specific production
can often increase the value. Walt Disney's signature on the mount/mat
will also increase the value, as he never signed the artwork itself.
I invest in Animation Art? - Collectors have purchased Animation
Art for as little as one pound and sold it for hundred's or thousands
of pounds. You can view past auctions at Christie's to see the value
of vintage Disney and Warner pieces. The value of Animation Art is increasing
more rapidly than any other Art form on the collectable market. Select
and purchase Animation Art because it gives you pleasure. Enjoy it to
the full, and you will receive the greatest return on your investment,
the joy of owning a moment in film making history that will never be
repeated again.
is Premier Animation? - Premier Animation is an online gallery
offering some of the finest vintage and contemporary Animation Art on
the net. We are mail order only and do not have a brick and mortar gallery.
Are limited edition cels hand painted? - Yes limited edition
cels are hand painted reproductions of famous scenes, or are sometimes
newly created ones that often depict sports scenes, or mix characters
together that ordinarily would not appear together. Some collectors
also quite like the beautiful colour reproduction backgrounds that accompany
the pieces as well.How many cels are used in a typical cartoon? - A film
runs at 24 frames per second. That number never changes. Therefore the
most any cartoon can be animated to is 24 fps. Budget films usually
run at 12 cels per second, each cel being shot twice. However, lower
budget cartoons can, and usually do, use the same cel three or more
times. The more a cel is used, the "jerkier" the final cartoon
will look. For a high budget cartoon, that runs for 8 minutes, there
are roughly 11,520 hand painted cels used...which is a lot of hard skilled
work (just think how many cels are used in a full length feature film).
There is a whole new question that arises from this, and that is how
many collectable cels are available from an 8 minute cartoon? Alternatively,
if an 8 minute cartoon is animated at 24 fps, are there 11,520 collectable
cels for sale? The answer is simply no. Firstly, you must consider that
about half of the cels could never be sold, due to the main character's
eyes being closed, they are passing behind another object, their back
is showing, or it is just an awkward non attractive pose. Therefore,
the majority of the cels have gone, and the remainder are left to be
either destroyed, damaged through bad storage or sold to the collectors
market. By this time there are only about 10% of the cels available
to purchase.