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War Of The Worlds
October 30, 1938
Live Radio Broadcast CD
The Full Version

Back before television people would gather around
there radio and listen to the live radio broadcast while there
imaginations filled there heads with images more magnificent than
any movie or television could ever produce or show.

You are about to hear something so magnificent, so
astounding that it captured the whole county in its grasps.
Literally people from all over the United States went crazy with
visions of aliens dancing in their heads. This radio broadcast is
like something you have never heard before. It will make your
imagination go wild. You will be Mesmerized as your heart stops,
your mind freezes and you are taken into another world.

This article appeared in the New York Times on Oct. 31, 1938.
Radio Listeners in Panic, Taking War Drama as Fact Many Flee Homes to Escape 'Gas Raid From Mars'—Phone Calls Swamp Police at Broadcast of Wells Fantasy This article appeared in the New York Times on Oct. 31, 1938. A wave of mass hysteria seized thousands of radio listeners between 8:15 and 9:30 o'clock last night when a broadcast of a dramatization of H. G. Wells's fantasy, "The War of the Worlds," led thousands to believe that an interplanetary conflict had started with invading Martians spreading wide death and destruction in New Jersey and New York.

The broadcast, which disrupted households, interrupted religious services, created traffic jams and clogged communications systems, was made by Orson Welles, who as the radio character, "The Shadow," used to give "the creeps" to countless child listeners. This time at least a score of adults required medical treatment for shock and hysteria.

You Have Never Heard Anything Like This.
This Full Version Of "War Of The Worlds" Will Have
The Imagination Of You And Your Family Running Wild
Mesmerized With The Sounds Of Hysteria.

This Radio Broadcast is rare and is hard to come by. Imagine yourself in front of the fire gathered
around the radio listening to a War of The Worlds on Halloween. Your Whole Family Will Lose Track Of Time.
This is the original broadcast of a "War Of The Worlds" from October 30, 1938 put on CD that can be played on any player, Car, Computer, Stereo etc. Anywhere. This is one of the most popular Radio Broad Casts in
History and is extremely Rare to obtain. This Radio Broadcast is truly amazing.
Orson Welles Brings Your Hearts and Minds to Its Knees.

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