Item Description

WAR BUS (1985)

Directed by Ferdinando Baldi


Daniel Stephen, Romano Kristoff, Urs Althaus,Gwendolyn Hung, Ernie Zarate, Don Gordon Bell, Zeny R. Williams andBenito Stefanelli

     It is in the heat of theVietnam war and the Viet Cong launch a vicious attack on aChristian mission. A group of soldiers organize the missionaries toget in a school bus and together they flee the base into thejungle. 
     The bus is stopped and commandeeredby three battle hardened American Special Forces soldiers on amission and in desperate need of transport. The mission pushes onas the bus battles its way through the jungle, desperately fightingits way to safety. 
     A solid action filled exploitationfilm by Ferdinando Baldi (Treasure of the Four Crowns) that boastssome excellent battle scenes and a plethora of big and beautifulpyrotechnic displays throughout.



Feature has small non-removable Japanesesubtitles.


DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playableworld wide.

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