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"WALK INTO PARADISE"; the classic 1950's feature
film, directed by Lee Robinson and starring Chips Rafferty,
Francoise Christophe, Pierre Cressoy and our own Fred Kaad OBE.
(NB: Release date 20 September 2008).

This, in reality, is a
collector's edition of a unique film which
fabulous scenery and an
authentic sing-sing with thousands of
fantastically adorned tribesmen and women. We will most likely
never see cinematography of Carl Kayser's calibre and scope
Included as "Special Features" are
"Behind the Scenes Location Footage"
filmed by Rhonda Grogan who was a member of the film crew;
a filmed interview with Fred Kaad
OBE, one of our Patrons and former District Commissioner, who was
both the Administration Liaison Officer and a supporting actor in
the film;
a photo gallery
of wonderful black and white photos taken on location
which capture the essence of life far from the studio lots of
Hollywood and are full of humour, warmth,
camaraderie and whimsy;
the original trailer - sensational
and breathtaking, it is a timepiece in itself!
The attention to detail of the
production and design has been paramount and it is hoped
that the DVD will look both classic and timeless
and will reflect the ethos of the colonial fifties when
adventurers confronted one of the most dramatic and magnificent
cultures on earth.