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Many Books Mostly Scanned from the Originals into PDF format on One CDROM

(I combine invoice and reduce shipping charges by one dollar on each item. If you buy more than ten items, shipping on each item will be reduced by 2 dollars) This is NOT an Audio CD. No Checks Accepted.
The Origin, Persecutions and Doctrines of the Waldenses
by Pius Melia  1870
In His Name: A Story of the Waldenses, Seven Hundred Years Ago
by Edward Everett Hale 1874
The Waldenses: Or, The Fall of Rora: a Lyrical Sketch. With Other Poems
by Aubrey De Vere 1842
A Short History of the Italian Waldenses by Sofia Bompiani 1899
History of the Waldenses: With an Introductory Sketch of the History of the Christian Churches by Adam Blair 1832
A Compendious History of the British Churches in England, Scotland, Ireland
by John Brown 1823
An Historical Defence of the Waldenses Or Vaudois
by Jean Rodolphe Peyran 1826
The Israel of the Alps: A Complete History of the Waldenses of Piedmont Volume 1 by Alexis Muston 1866
Facts and Documents Illustrative of the History, Doctrine and Rites, of the Ancient Albigensis and Waldenses by Samuel Roffey Maitland 1832
The history of the Waldenses and Albigenses Volume 1
by Thomas Taylor - 1793
 Narrative of an excursion to the mountains of Piemont, and researches among the Waldenses Or Vaudois by William Stephen Gilly - 1826
The Suppressed Evidence: Or, Proofs of the Miraculous Faith and Experience of the Church of Christ in All Ages from Authentic Records of the Fathers, Hussites, Waldenses, Reformers, United Brethren etc
A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages
by Henry Charles Lea  1887
Wanderings and Musings in the Valleys of the Waldenses
by James Aitken Wylie 1858
The Waldenses: Sketches of the Evangelical Christians of the Valleys of ...
by Alexis Muston - 1912
The Huguenot: A Tale of the French Protestants (Vol. 3, up to 333 pages)
by George Payne Rainsford James 1839
A Tale of the Huguenots: Or, Memoirs of a French Refugee Family
by James Fontaine, Francis Lister Hawks, Ann Maury - 1838
History of the Crusades Against the Albigenses in the Thirteenth Century
by Jean-Charles-Léonard Simonde Sismondi 1833
An inquiry into the history and theology of the ancient Vallenses and Albigenses
by George Stanley Faber - 1838
The World's Great Events: An Indexed History of the World from Earliest Times to the Present  Day by Esther Singleton - World history - 1916
The History of Romanism: from the Earliest Corruptions of Christianity to the Present Time by John Dowling -1845
Haydn's Dictionary of Dates Relating to All Ages and Nations
by Joseph Haydn 1866
... WALDENSES, a sect (also called Valdenses and Vaudois) They had a translation of the  Bible, and allied themselves to the Albigenses...
Valdenses, Valdo, and Vigilantius (only the first 71 pages)
by William Stephen Gilly  1841
In Quest of the Holy Grail: An Introduction to the Study of the Legend
by Sebastian Evans 1898
"His wife was a Waldensian, and of his two sisters, one was Waldensian, ...
Among them was Durand de Huesca, the founder of an orthodox Waldensian Order"

Romanism as it is: An Exposition of the Roman Catholic System
by Samuel Weed Barnum - 1882
A History of Crime in England: Illustrating the Changes of the Laws
by Luke Owen Pike 1876
Book of Martyrs by John Foxe
The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe: A New and Complete Edition (Volume 6)
by John Foxe, Stephen Reed Cattley, George Townsend 1838
The English Reformation: How it Came About, and why We Should Uphold it
by Cunningham Geike 1879
Rome of the Pilgrims and Martyrs: A Study in the Martyrologies
by Ethel Ross Barker 1913
A History of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths, of the Primitive as Well as the Protestant Martyrs from the Commencement of Christianity to the Latest Periods of Pagan and Popish Persecution by by John Foxe 1853
The Letters of the Martyrs: Collected and Published in 1564
by Miles Coverdale 1837

Scans may reflect the antiquated quality of the original.
Let's face it, many of these

books are really old and often hard to read. Sometimes (though rarely) pages may be faded,
torn, or missing. Most people, as you can tell by my feedback are very happy though, and
happy to get so much information on one very cheap CDrom.