Item Description
The Deluxe Voodoo starter kit comes with 2 e-cigarette batteries, charger, manual and 5 - 16mg atomized Cartridges.  This kit is comparable and compatible to the Smoke Cloud kits found in local Malls for $200+!  The newest technology in Electronic cigarrettes.  Why spend time and money cleaning or replacing atomizers when you can have a new atomizer with each cartridge.   These state-of-the-art cartridges include are combined with the atomizer to produce an unrivaled amount and quality of smoke.If you are currently a smoker, quit smoking easily with this amazing new device.  There is no smell,  No harmfull chemicals, No second hand smoke, no yellowing of teeth, and No Tobacco in this amazing devices.Get your nicotine and feel the vapor in your lungs, just like you are smoking, but without the other 4000 chemicals found in conventional cigarett