Item Description
What is Vivioptal ?
Vivioptal is a multivitamin made in Germany and it is Recommended for people with tiredness, general weakness and who feel sleepy during the day. For men, women and elderly people who live a sedentary life, for high performance athletes and strict vegetarians who need vitamins B in their diets.
Vivioptal Contains: 14 Vitamins, 4 Mineral Salts, 5 Oligo elements, 4 Lipotropic Nutrients and 2 Bio Activators.
Where is Vivioptal Manufactured?
Vivioptal is made in Germany by: Dr. Gerhard Mann, Chem-Pharm. Fabrik GmbH, 13581 Berlin, Germany.
Vivioptal suggestions and uses:

    * Insufficient consumption of vitamins and minerals.
    * Unable to absorb vitamins and minerals in general.
    * Convalescence of diseases.
    * Convalescence of surgical operations.
    * Special or restricted diets.
    * Nutritional Intolerance to some foods.
    * Increase of requirements in vitamins and minerals.
    * Abnormal excretion of vitamins and minerals.
    * Vegetarians who need vitamin B12 in their diets.
    * Weight loss diets with less than 1200 calories a day.
    * For elderly persons with a sedentary lifestyle.
    * For athletes who perform high performance exercise.
    * For men and women who perform heavy physical labor.
    * Pregnant and nursing women that need to increase iron levels.
    * Chronic sick patients who had interrupted their normal eating habits.
    * Continuous use of antibiotics of ample spectrum.
    * Women taking oral contraceptive pills, may require vitamin B6 supplements.
    * Persons with bowel problems having difficulty with the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food.
Vivioptal contains the following lipotropic nutrients:
(Choline, Inositol, Orotic Acid, Ethyl-Linoleate and Lecithin from soy beans) these nutrients protect the liver and help in preventing deposits of cholesterol in the tissues and arteries.
What is Choline?
Choline is the major lipotrope in mammals and other known lipotropes are important only insofar as they contribute to the synthesis of choline.
Choline is an organic compound, classified as a water-soluble essential nutrient which is usually grouped within the Vitamin B complex.
This natural amino acid is found in the lipids that make up cell membranes and in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
Note: Vivioptal contain 50 mg of Choline as Choline Hydrogen tartrate which is 10% of daily value.
Vivioptal Presentation:
1 Box with 90 Capsules
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