Item Description
The Virtue Spire Team Edition Paintball Loader includes the revolutionary Crown SF speedfeed! The Virtue Spire Hopper broke new ground with its shot activated sensor, jam-proof feeding system and a tool-less design that can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds. It was only a matter of time before teams were demanding their own version!. The Team Edition Virtue Spire come complete with a Virtue Crown SF Speed Feed and team colors! Speed is useless when your hopper can't feed reliably without jamming. The Spring Loaded Anti-Jam Paddle proactively corrects jams by sliding underneath and pushing paintballs out of the way before a pause in feeding occurs. The vertically stacked gearbox and angular shape of the Spire provides a smaller, tighter profile and lower angle of deflection for better paint bounce. By engineering a gearbox within the vertical stack inside the Spire Drive, the hopper has the lowest height, and narrowest front profile in paintball. The Spires True 200 shell is just that ... the Spire actually holds 200+ paintballs. The Spire front and bottom shells are made of rugged glass-filled nylon to take massive abuse. A translucent lexan backshell allows the shooter to quickly view paint levels in a single glance, without showing how much paint is in the loader to everyone else. The Virtue Spire's ingenious shell design makes changing batteries, cleaning the hopper, and putting it all back together again take mere seconds. The Slide Lock Quick Release allows the back shell to be removed in less time than it took to read this sentence. This allows access to all of the Spire internals that are mounted on an internal tray, which is quickly removed with the slide of the convenient Tray Release Tab. The Flex Cycles rubber arms maintain soft contact with fragile paintballs to feed without crushing. The Spire has been tested successfully on high end tournament paints so brittle they break when dropped from knee height! The Crown SF utilizes polycarbonate fingers with metal springs to let paint fall through effortlessly, yet hold the paint in your loader like Alcatraz! Virtue Spire Team Edition Paintball Loader features:
- Limited Edition team colors
- Color matching Crown SF Speed Feed
- Efficient 3 AA battery design - Slide Lock Quick Release Button for easy tool-less disassembly

- Rubber Flex Cycle allows the Spire to feed brittle tournament paint - Spring loaded Anti-jam Drive slides underneath and pushes jams out of the way before they occur

- Intelligent G-Force Sensor isolates and detects acceleration from each shot - Just over 4 inches in vertical height on marker

- All internals attached to a single tray for easy removal - True 200 Capacity actually does hold 200+ paintballs

- Self-Optimizing Motor monitors torque and G-Force Sensor to maximize performance - Internal pad protects paint from impacts in the front caused by running or diving and deadens sound

- Conformal coated electronics protect the circuitry from moisture and paint - Power saving standby mode and low battery indicator with alarm.

- Weighs 16.5 ounces - 9 inches long and 4 inches wide

- Virtue Crown2 Speed Feed sold separately
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