Item Description
S I Z E ] Whole visual dimension: 70"w x 80"h [ D E C A L - S
E T - I N C L U D E S ] ➢ 1 tree + 2 owls body (
choose 1 color - currently DARK BRWON ) ➢ big
flowers/ owl accent color ( choose 1 color - currently LIGHT PINK )
➢ small flowers / owl accent color ( choose 1
color - currently TURQUOISE ) ➢ bigger leaves (
choose 1 color - currently LIME GREEN ) ➢ smaller
leaves ( choose 1 color - currently GREEN YELLOW )
➢ 2 owls eyes will be in WHITE
✚ Test decal ✚ Easy to
follow instructions and a test decal is included.
This decal set comes in separate pieces/ parts, so to be ensemble
on your wall as a complete scene. [ C H O O S E - 5 - C O L O R S ]
(type the colour of your choice in "message to seller" section
during checkout) if no color was chosen, I will send your decal in
default color as in the first image. [ M I R R O R - I M AG E ]
Please let me know if you want this design in reverse during
checkout. [ C U S T O M - D E S I G N ] If you have anything in
mind that you wish to put it into reality, just send me a message,
I'm very happy to do CUSTOM DESIGN. [ G E T - T O - K N O W - M Y -
P R O D U C T ] This design is cut from top quality Vinyl from
GERMANY and BELGIUM, rated 6 years outdoor durability, fade
resistant indoor and waterproof. This graphic decal can be
permenent or temporary, it is self-adhesive yet removable, you can
easily remove it when you no longer need it. However the removed
decal is not reusable. Please check more of our designs at designedDESIGNER decals are
high quality artwork. All of my high-quality decal is designed and
cut at home. Artworks are original and created by designedDESIGNER
© 2011 designedDESIGNER. All rights reserved.