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Mil Máscaras made his professional wrestling debut in April 1965 in Guadalajara. Máscaras became popular in Mexico for being one of the best conditioned luchadores in the heavyweight division, which was dominated by foreigners at the time. It was also his size which permitted him to wrestle in the US and Japan under the heavyweight division. Máscaras was one of the first masked luchadores outside of Mexico to play a non-heel role. He rarely resorted to rule breaking, instead relying on his repertoire of moves and counter-moves. Máscaras was also one of the first wrestlers to introduce the high-flying moves of lucha libre, such as the plancha and tope suicida, to Japanese fans. This brought him international fame as one of the first high-flyers, something he was not considered in Mexico where he fell under the mat-power category. Máscaras made his international wrestling debut in 1968 at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, getting involved in great rivalries against the likes of Ernie Ladd, John Tolos, Black Gordman, and Goliath. In Mexico City, he unmasked El Halcon in a triangular tournament that included Alfonso Dantes in the 1970s. Máscaras performed for All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) during the '70s. In his Japanese debut on February 19, 1971, he defeated Kantaro Hoshino in Tokyo. It was during this time that he had his best known international feud with American masked wrestler The Destroyer. During the '70s, Máscaras also had feuds with Mexican wrestlers such as TNT, El Canek, El Halcon, and Angel Blanco. These feuds took place mostly in Mexico and the US, and were broadcast on Spanish language stations in the U.S. Mascaras was also the heavyweight champion of the IWA wrestling promotion, which was founded by Eddie Einhorn, and still holds the title to this day. Mil Máscaras appeared in World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now called WWE). He performed at Madison Square Garden several times after a ban on masked wrestlers was lifted for him, making him the first masked wrestler in the Garden, he defeated the Spoiler (who was not permitted to wear his mask). During this time, he feuded with "Superstar" Billy Graham. Mascaras also wrestled in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where his most notable match was a match with Cactus Jack at Clash of the Champions X: Texas Shootout on February 6, 1990 in the Memorial Coliseum in Corpus Christi, Texas. On September 10, 1991, at the age of 49, Máscaras won his final title, the WWA (Mexico) World Heavyweight Championship. He held the title until 1994 and assumed a state of semi-retirement after his final reign. Mil was a very dominating wrestler and enjoyed immobilizing his opponents with tight, painful holds. He had a few "signature" holds that he liked to use, some of them were very unorthodox. Among them were: A surfboard hold where he grabbed both of his opponent's wrists and bent the arms back behind the body, and then began stretching, often planting his foot into the small of the back. His famous "ankle" scissors. A double-leg grapevine hold applied from the top, then flipping the opponent over and suspending him in the air! Taking his opponents to the mat, prying their legs apart and "forcing" them to do the splits! Often, if they tried to get up, he would head butt them in the butt! The commentary and graphics are in Japanese, therefore I am not able to come up with a match list. Mil Mascaras was a very muscular guy standing 5'11" tall, and weighing 240 pounds. He often tagged with a partner who was slightly smaller, but otherwise could have passed for his body twin. He always wore two brightly colored unique masks, ripping one off before the match and throwing it into the frenzied crowd of Japanese fans. The matches on this DVD come from his stint with All Japan Pro Wrestling. There are 8 matches; two tag team and the rest are singles. Please note that the beginning of this DVD shows footage of Mil arriving in Japan at the airport, and the video quality during this part is not very good. However, when the wrestling matches start, the video quality becomes much better. One match in particular, which is a tag team with Mil Mascaras against The Funks, is crystal clear! All pics shown below are actual scans from this volume. There are four volumes being sold seperately. Each DVD runs approximately 90-120 minutes in length.