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This DVD contains vintage wrestling matches from the UK. Although I do not have any details on it, I would estimate it to be from the 1970‘s, back when wrestlers shook hands before a match and actually used wrestling holds to win. It‘s also interesting to see the fans in the audience dressed up; gentlemen are wearing suits and the ladies are wearing dresses! It is good clean wrestling, with lots of good holds and interesting pins! The kind of wrestling you just don‘t see anymore. This is old stuff, don‘t expect the same video quality as you would see on WWE‘s Smackdown! The video quality isn‘t bad. Although there is no graininess that is commonplace on DVDs being sold on eBay, it’s just not crystal-clear. All the images included in this description are direct scans from the matches, you can judge the video quality for yourself. All matches are UK heavyweights. All matches are shown in their entirety, and DVD runs 2 hours. I have no idea who any of the wrestlers are, so no need to inquire.