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This listing is for a vintage Musclegods production called: Muscle Worship #3. This video is out-of-print, and no longer sold on the internet. The video consists of four segments: The first section features Tom Lord , who shows up in a motel room for a private showing. The second segment features a guy listed only as "Ramone". He is a very handsome Latino, with muscles to match. This guy has the whole package! His scene is set in a living room, and it is not hard to imagine him doing his muscle session just for you! The third section features bodybuilder Rod Roddick, this guy is huge! He has such a sexy voice and continually talks to you throughout the session. His arms are just incredible, with bulging biceps and rippling forearms! Several costume changes, starting in jeans/tank top, short, then leather briefs with sexy black gloves and belt ... caliente! (Note: there are some audio problems in this section)The last section features Jake Butler. I don't know, there is something about this guy that is so hot! Maybe it is those HUGE eyes, the way he looks at the camera, or maybe the way his ears stick out from the side of his head, but whatever it is .... he has it! Lot of zooms and close-ups in this segment, including some nice close-ups of his packed crotch! (No audio in this section) This was originally produced on VHS, but later transferred to DVD. The video quality is excellent. It no longer in print, and cannot be purchased in any store or website. It is seldom seen on the market. All images shown are actual scans from the video. DVD runs just under 1 hour. Video does NOT contain any sex or nudity.