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This is a vintage Musclegods production from 1994. The video itself says "Musclegods 6", however the opening title says: "The Private Sessions 1". The video has 3 separate sections: The first section is solo action featuring a muscular dude who is wearing black/white lycra shorts, black gloves, and sunglasses to conceal his identity. Very nice legs and butt! And those black, leather gloves are oh so sexy! Lots of posing and flexing, then he strips down to form-fitting trunks and teases you with a leather belt. No nudity in this section. In the 2nd session, a bodybuilder is posing and flexing for an unknown man laying in a bed. The bodybuilder is wearing a pair of black/white striped shorts that look strangely familiar from the 1st scene. The man in the bed's identity is never revealed, you can only see his feet near the edge of the bed. The bodybuilder flexes and teases him, and takes a couple of swipes at him with a leather belt. No nudity in this section. In the last section, an extremely well-built, handsome bodybuilder is posing for another guy in a dark room. The other guy is watching TV, and you never see his face. Every once in a while, he reaches for a Big Gulp that is sitting on the floor next to the chair and takes a sip. You can also see him smoking in his chair. He seems totally disinterested in the muscular bodybuilder who is trying to impress him with his huge muscles ... idiot! The bodybuilder soon strips out of his clothes, and continues flexing in the nude ... way hot! This is a Musclegods video that is no longer in production. You cannot buy this in any store, it is rarely seen for sale on the market. Video contains some nudity, but NO sexual situations. All images shown are actual scans from the video. Originally produced on VHS, it has been transferred to DVD.